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Senior Discounts for Canadians 2022

Many senior citizens have difficulty retaining savings due to a myriad of reasons that are cost-centred. In addition, finding the right balance between spending (knowing what to purchase and where to purchase it) and trying to save money is usually difficult without the right information and even more so for

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Can I force my elderly parent into a nursing home?

Most adults are generally very independent. As people age, however, their ability to live independently gradually decreases and they may need to request help from people to carry out daily tasks they were previously able to carry out independently. More often than not, the families or close friends (in cases

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Does Rogers Carry a Medical Alert System?

Sorry, Rogers does not currently offer a medical alert system. But that may soon change. Its behemoth competitors Telus and Bell have both respectively got into the medical alert fields. Telus with their Livingwell Companion brand, and Bell with their medical alert system. Both got in by acquiring companies Direct

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