Medical Alert Systems For Diabetics

Diabetes is a disease that is very commonly seen in our society today. Especially in seniors. In 2018, for example, 34.2 million Americans had diabetes and 14.3 million of those were seniors. This is exceptionally high. Additionally, some symptoms of diabetes make people more likely to fall; these symptoms include fatigue and blurred vision. This is concerning for seniors, and since so many of them still have the ability and the want to live independently, a medical alert system for them seems suitable and the only other viable option.

What Is A Medical Alert System?

All medical alert service companies offer some sort of plan that may be suitable for you or your loved one. These different plans could consist of a mobile device that uses GPS tracking, other plans could be for at-home systems with a single base unit and emergency button, plus, these systems could have added features as well, such as automatic fall detection or mobile apps that allow families and caregivers to track the whereabouts of their loved ones. Thus, the conclusion is that these systems can be personalized and made to fit whatever a senior may need to make them feel safe and comfortable in their own homes or on the go.

Is There A Recommended Medical Alert System For Diabetics?

Yes, there is a recommended system by several consumers of these products. This system is the GPS/Mobile System from Galaxy Medical Alert Systems. It comes with an all-in-one mobile unit that can be worn  It has a speaker for two-way communication and has GPS tracking built-in. The battery between charges for this device can last a very long time. In total, this plan is well priced at about $30 per month (This price does not include the available fall detection that can be added for an extra fee per month) and there are no equipment or activation fees. Emergency responders will show up to administer help when the services provided by the company get an alert that a help button was pushed or the fall detection went off.

Will Emergency Responders Be Alerted Of My Loved One’s Condition?

Yes, they will. All medical alert system companies are required to keep each of their individual clients’ conditions and personal special needs on file in case of an emergency. So if your loved one or yourself happens to have an accident from falling, or from the condition itself, emergency response members will know prior to getting to the scene and will know how to treat someone that is diabetic.

Overall, any medical alert system would be just fine for any senior with diabetes that can still live independently. As long as the medical system has all of the clients’ needs and preferences within their medical alert package, and they feel safe under this company’s patrol, then that is all that really matters.


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