Stair Lift Pricing In 2024 | How Much Does A Stair Lift Cost In Canada?

Stair lifts are attached to the railing of staircases. They are seats that transport a user up and down the staircase. They are especially beneficial to those with disabilities or accessibility and mobility issues due to an injury, health issue, or age-related conditions.

Buying a Stairlift Vs The Cost Of An Assisted Living Facility

Assisted living facility costs vary depending on the province that you live in. In Quebec it can average as low as around $1500 per month, and in Ontario around $3000. These are costs that you would have to pay on a monthly basis. 

Today we will explore the cost of chair lift for stairs. We will look into stairlift prices for the straight and curved options of the three major brands: Acorn, Bruno, and Stannah. Additionally, there are also outdoor stair lifts. We have spoken about these outdoor lifts in our other article.

Is A Stair Lift A Good Idea?

Having a stair lift is certainly a good idea if you need support to go up and down the stairs, whether that is a straight or curved stairlift depending on your staircase.  

Assisted living would be a regular monthly cost, so it will add up over time. Wheelchair lifts can be slightly more expensive than installing stair lifts, but if you have to use a wheelchair, it would be useful to install one. 

Depending on your personal needs, you could go with either of the three options. However, the most cost-effective one would be stair lifts, if you only need some help. If you need more help, then it would be worth it to look at the other two options.

It’s recommended to look into the rebates and grants available in your province to offset the cost of the stair lifts.

What Is The Average Cost Of Chair Lift For Stairs?

The average new consumers stair lift cost can be anywhere between $3000 to over $10,000 depending on the type of stair lift and the customizations you do. Stannah has the most customization options.

In 2024, the average stairlift cost from the best stair lift companies are as follows:

How Much Does An Acorn Stair Lift Cost?

$3,400-$3,900 is what Acorn straight stair lift prices start at for a straight staircase.

How Much Does A Curved Acorn Stair Lift Cost?

$11,000-$15,000 is the price of Acorn stair lifts for a curved staircase.

How Much Does A Bruno Stair Lift Cost?

$3,500-$5,000 are what Bruno straight stair lifts start at for a straight staircase.

How Much Does A Curved Bruno Stair Lift Cost?

A curved stair lift from Bruno start at a price point of $10,500. 

How Much Does A Stannah Stair Lift Cost?

The price range for Stannah stair lifts are usually between $3000 to $5000 for a straight staircase.

How Much Does A Curved Stannah Stair Lift Cost?

A curved stairlift from Stannah has a price that can be $10,000 and up. 

Any Additional Cost?

Routine maintenance, energy costs, breakdowns, etc.

Annual maintenance for a stairlift is required as well and can cost anywhere around $100-200 in Canada depending on where you are getting maintenance from.

Stair lifts use up around 24 watts an hour in energy cost. This is much less than many household appliances. So there will be no surprise with your electricity bill!

Most stair lifts come with a warranty in case anything breaks down. Pay attention to the length and term of the warranty though, as they vary wildly across different companies. Some offer 1 year warrantees, some offer limited lifetime warranties(1o years), and others 3-6 months on parts and labour.

How Do I Purchase A Stairlift?

It’s easy to purchase a stair lift. Some companies offer installers with the purchase of a stair lift, such as Acorn Stairlifts. While other companies offer the installation, with different options of stair lift products (style and models), such as Mobility101 in the Greater Toronto Area. Both processes are fairly simplified for the individual to purchase a stair lift.

Often times, you can receive an estimate based on pictures. However, the more precise method is having a company representative quote after an appointment in your home. This way the company will know exactly the spacing and equipment needed for the installation.

There are also rental and buying options available. Each option is unique in its advantages and disadvantages, stairlifts can provide an efficient way to maintain optimum use of your property.

Can I Rent A Stairlift?

Is that possible? Yes, many companies offer stair lifts for renting. Talk about your options with an expert who will understand your requirements and answer your questions. Bigger companies such as Acorn Stairlifts and Stannah stairlift offer competitive rental prices.

Sometimes renting a stair lift is the best option if you only need it temporarily, such as an injury that prevents an individual from going up and down the stairs independent. In such cases, renting is the best option.

Other times, buying is better than renting when it is for longer term usage, such as a senior who wants to age in place. Purchasing a stair lift will be a better cost saving in the long term.

Affordable Monthly Payment Plans (Financing)

Some companies provide monthly payment options to qualified buyers for the purchase of new stair lifts. Some stairlift companies offer a flat rate. Depending on the model and style, it can start around $75/month in Canada. Acorn Stairlifts and many installers will have detailed information on how to qualify for financing.


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