The Best Walk-In Tubs in Canada for Seniors Reviewed 2023

Our Top 3 Walk-In Bathtubs in Canada

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  • American Standard has been in business for 150 years and contrary to its name is very Canadian, with its head office located in Mississauga, Ontario. They work with consumers, seniors, healthcare professionals, occupational and physio therapists, builders, architects, and facility managers to manufacture and install the perfect walk-in tub for your needs. They are Age Safe Canada certified and Certified Aging in Place Specialists uL, CSA, ETL certifications on their products, and are audited each year for continuous compliance.

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  • Over 140 years of providing engineering excellence and experience, Kohler has built up a history of offering only the highest quality walk-in tubs that rival competition in form, function, and style. Not available everywhere in Canada.

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  • Home Depot offers several walk-in tubs from different manufacturers. If you are looking for cheaper walk-in tub options, Home Depot is a good place to start. Keep in mind, you will need your own contractors and installers or be a good DIYer.
Walk-In Bath Tub Guide

Walk-in Bathtub For Seniors

Falls are a part of life albeit an unpleasant one. They can occur at any period in any place and under any circumstance. While effects felt from falls are mild in a lot of cases, serious falls can also ensue. One observation of note however is that there is a direct relationship between the effects suffered and the age of the individual. That is, the older the person, the increase in the likelihood of suffering more serious adverse effects.

The desire to ensure the safety of seniors as much as possible has led to the development of several living aids such as stairlifts, medical alert systems and walk-in bathtubs.

According to statistics by Visually, “79% of all the bathroom injuries among people 65 years and older occur due to bathroom slips and falls. 33% of these seniors required hospital admission following the bathroom accidents”.

The above statistics highlights the importance of walk-in bathtubs towards minimizing risk factors relating to falls.

Below we will explore all aspects of walk-in bathtubs and also offer insight into the best walk-in bathtub manufacturers to consider when planning to make a purchase.

The WEKARE 40 x 28 Compact Walk-In Bathtub

What Is A Walk-in Tub? Do I Need One?

Walk-in bathtubs also known as walk-in tubs and step-in tubs, simply put are tubs that are designed to be entered by “walking” in. These kinds of tubs are intended for those who have difficulty climbing in and out of traditional bathtubs, thereby eliminating many of the possible risk factors that could quite possibly contribute to slipping and falling.

One particularly distinct factor differentiating between the traditional bathtub and walk-in tub is the presence of a molded seat in the latter which enables users to take a bath while remaining upright, in a seated position. This makes walk-in tubs of particular value to seniors with limited mobility and those who have trouble standing or bending.


Features Of A Walk In Tub

The features of a walk-in tub appear to be generic across the board however, depending on the manufacturer, walk-in bathtubs may contain added luxury and therapeutic features.

Safety Features Of A Walk-In Tub

A good walk-in tub must contain several safety features to guarantee users protection from falls. A walk-in tub should contain the following safety features:

Anti-Slip Floors

The floors of most walk-in bathtubs are grooved to prevent slipping and falling of users when they are standing in the walk-in tub. These grooves are similar to those found on non-slip mats and essentially, they serve the same function.

Safety Grab Bars

Many walk-in tubs contain built-in grab bars to provide additional safety and stability inside the tub. Grab bars, just like a cane or walker, protect users by taking some of their weight and balance off their feet. Safety grab bars are so important that some walk-in tubs even have more than one!

Bath Door Seal

In contrast to a traditional tub, which requires users to climb over the bathtub frame, a walk-in tub has a gated door mechanism. These bath doors are lined with rubber seals to prevent water leakage from the tub which could constitute a fall hazard outside of the tub. This tub component is so important that several manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty on it along with walk-in tub purchases.

Tub Door

Standard walk-in tubs can be divided into two major types depending on the type of door fitted to the walk-in tub frame.

A standard walk-in tub will either have an outward opening door or an inward swinging door. The distinction between the door types and their importance is explained below.

Inward Swinging Doors 

Walk-in tubs fitted with inward swinging doors are ideal for conditions where the bathroom space is limited. Since the door swings inward, there is more usable space in small bathrooms.

Also, these walk-in tub types offer added protection in that they are designed to prevent tub door opening until all water has been drained from the tub thereby preventing water leakage out of the tub.

A downside to this walk-in tub design is that the door tends to limit ease of movement inside the tub.

Outward Swinging Doors

Walk-in tub models with an outward swinging door are ideal for use in bathrooms where space is not limited.

As the name suggests, the door of the walk-in tub swings outwardly thereby eliminating the problem of mobility associated with inward swinging door tubs.

Wheelchair-accessible tubs with outward opening doors are ideal for people with mobility issues. They allow users to easily transfer from chair to tub.

Major cons of these walk-in tub types however include the fact that they lack the “spill protection” offered by inward swinging door walk-in tubs. As such, if the door is opened accidentally, water may flow from the tub onto the floor where it constitutes a fall hazard. Also, the door may interfere with other items in the room especially if the space available is limited.

Luxury And Therapeutic Features Of A Walk-in Tub

Besides the basic general and safety features found in many walk-in tub models, several walk-in tub manufacturers also produce runs with luxury and therapeutic features inclusion to provide maximum benefits to users.

These features include:

  • Handheld Shower Head – This is a walk-in tub luxury feature ideal for individuals with limited mobility. The walk-in tub’s showerheads are detachable thereby making it easy to reach and rinse any part of your body.
  • Massage Systems – The majority of walk-in tubs will have either air jets or water jet circulation systems in the bath walls that assist in circulating water in the tub and massaging the user’s body. This circulation system also helps in maintaining water temperature levels.
  • Heated Surfaces – Luxury tubs have heated surfaces designed to provide additional heat to the user’s neck and back areas. Heated seats are also present.

Other luxury and therapeutic walk-in tub inclusions are self-cleaning, push button control, and Scald-prevention technology.


Types Of Walk In Bathtubs

Soaker Bathtubs

A soaker tub is a basic walk-in bathtub model. It lacks hydrotherapy jets and is less expensive in general than other models with additional features. A soaker tub is only equipped with a showerhead and a grab bar.

Bariatric Bathtubs

As the name implies, a bariatric tub is a walk-in tub specifically designed to be used by larger people. Like other bathtub types, a bariatric tub can be customized with luxury inclusions to the user’s taste and preference.

Walk-In Showers

Walk-In showers are the ideal option for individuals who prefer the use of showers in their baths. Furthermore, walk-in tub companies also include a seat in some models for additional ease and overall user safety.

Wheelchair Accessible Tubs

A wheelchair-accessible tub is designed to facilitate easy transport of the user from a wheelchair into the bathtub. These tub types are usually equipped with an outward swinging door as these door type makes the bathtub more wheelchair accessible.

Hydrotherapy Bathtubs

A hydrotherapy tub has several luxury features like air and water jets that help in the circulation of water and maintain heat within the bathtub. These tubs can be used to aid in the relaxation of stiff joints and muscles and overall, give users a spa-like experience.

Hydrotherapy bathtubs that use water jets are known as whirlpool tubs while those with air jets are known as air bathtubs.


Important Things To Consider Before You Purchase A Walk-in Tub

Tub Size

Since walk-in tubs come in different sizes, you’ll want to be sure the size you’re about to purchase will be big enough for the person the walk-in tub is intended for. You should also factor in the installation location. If the walk-in tub is too big, it may not fit where you want to have it installed and so you’ll need to create extra space or even change the installation location.

Tub Type

As discussed above, there are several types of walk-in tubs. You should assess each walk-in tub type and select the walk-in tub type that most matches what you need. For example, if what you need is just a basic walk-in tub, you don’t need to go purchase a hydrotherapy tub that offers a spa-like experience when a soaker tub would have been sufficient to meet your needs. Plus, compared to soaker bathtubs, hydrotherapy tubs are a more expensive option.


Based on the type of bathtub and the luxury features included, the overall cost of a walk-in bathtub (plus installation) could be from $1,500 to over $20,000.

Ease Of Use

One very important factor you do not want to overlook in your considerations is ease of use. You will want to ask the manufacturers questions like:
  • Is the tub self-cleaning?
  • Are the doors inward or outward swinging?
  • What is the step in height?
  • Is the tub wheelchair accessible?
All these questions are aimed at helping you select the right walk-in tub option for you.

Maintenance And Repairs

You will also want to enquire from your walk-in tub manufacturer if the tub is easy to maintain and about possible repairs or replacement options in the event of damage to the walk-in tub.
Walk-In Tub Guide

Providers Of The Best Walk In Tubs In Canada

Since there are several manufacturers in the walk-in tub industry, people often have questions like “which walk-in tub companies are ideal for my need?” Or “I need to know which walk-in tub companies actually offer quality”. The purpose of this section is to:

  • expose you to the best walk-In tub companies
  • highlight the pros and cons of each company where they exist

All to assist you in your search for the perfect walk-in tub provider.

There are several walk-in tub providers in Canada however here is a list of the best ones highlighting their pros and their cons to help you make a decision on which you find most acceptable. So without further delay, let’s get right into it!


Reviews Of The Best Walk-In Tubs in Canada for Seniors

If you or your loved one is searching for a good, reliable, affordable walk-in tub, you are at the right place. We have reviews of some of the best walk-in tubs on the market today. Below is a list of Canadian walk-in tub companies that can help make your decision easier.

Safe Bathing Canada


Safe Bathing Canada is a walk-in tub manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in ensuring safe, enjoyable baths for seniors. With a wide range of high-quality products for any application, from economy to luxury, personal to commercial Safe Bathing Canada maintains its position as an industry leader in the manufacture of walk-in tubs.

Full review here.

safebathing logo


  • Wide range of walk-in tub products ensures you’ll always be able to find one that suits your needs.
  • Established market presence
  • Free information kit available upon request.
  • Walk-In tubs are constructed with high-quality materials.
  • Presence of a variety of bath options such as aromatherapy, chromotherapy, and hydrotherapy.
  • Prompt response to complaints


  • Information kit may only be made available upon request
  • There have been occasional complaints about intervention speed
  • Pressured sales tactics 

Safe Step Walk-In Tub Co.


Canadian-owned and operated, Safe Step is a walk-in tub manufacturer that specializes in the manufacture of excellent walk-in tubs that offer maximum comfort. Safe Step boasts of a wide range of walk-in bathtubs including the uncommon “hybrid” walk-in tubs.

Full review here.


  • Safe Step tubs are designed to be a perfect fit (size-wise) when compared with your existing tub thereby reducing costs and avoiding major home remodeling.
  • Free consultation
  • Professional installation
  • Wide range of products
  • Little remodeling required during the installation of walk-in tubs
  • Walk-in tubs are available at comparatively cheaper costs.
  • Lifetime warranty and discounts on purchases are available.


  • Communication problems with company personnel often leave users dissatisfied
  • There have been some complaints about installation problems
  • Only 10 hydro jets are available in the walk-in tubs
  • Pressured sales tactics 

The Walk-in Tub Company


Although not a manufacturer, The Walk-In Tub Company (TWTC) is an established industry presence. TWTC is the exclusive distributor and authorized installer of American Standard’s ComfortSeriesTM walk-in and accessible outward-opening bathtubs. Beyond this, TWTC also provides several other senior living aids from several brands.

Full review here.

twtc logo


  • Free installation estimate
  • You can also request a mobile showroom visit.
  • Quality and Dependability
  • Product Warranty on purchases
  • Walk-In tub installation by certified professionals.


  • Despite being a distributor, TWTC only offers one walk-in tub option.

American Standard


American Standard is a manufacturer devoted to the provision of innovative, groundbreaking daily living solutions. For over 140 years, American Standard has been an industry leader that has set and reset the standards for health, safety, and convenience. Full review here.


  • Several quality options to choose from.
  • Walk-In tub prices are available online
  • Return and refund policies are also available for eligible items.


  • Not all products are covered by warranty.
  • Installation costs and requirements may vary with the walk-in tub chosen.

Kohler Walk-in Bath


With over 140 years of engineering excellence and experience, Kohler is a manufacturer dedicated to the production of only the highest quality walk-in tubs. Kohler walk-in tubs possess features such as very low Step in height and extra-wide doors to further guarantee user safety. Full review here.
kohler logo


  • Several walk-in bath design options
  • One-day installation.
  • Custom fits are also available
  • Kohler offers some of the lowest-priced walk-in tubs on the market.
  • Lifetime warranty on eligible products
  • Free Quote


  • Walk-in tub prices cannot be accessed online.
  • Walk-in tub upgrades are expensive.
  • Does not offer lifetime warranty on all walk tub products.

Walk-in Tubs Ontario


Walk-in Tubs Ontario is one of the leading providers of walk-in tubs in Ottawa and throughout Eastern Ontario. By partnering with a Canada-based walk-in tub manufacturer, they have been able to ensure adequate local distribution of only the highest quality walk-in tub products. Walk-In Tub’s partnership with a walk-in tub manufacturer that has over 20 years of experience ensures that you’ll be getting walk-in tubs from an established industry presence with a record of success and excellence.

Full review here.

walk-in ontario logo


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free consultation and estimates
  • Local provider status translates to accessibility
  • Silicone pillows are offered with walk-in tubs to improve reclining comfort.


  • Walk-In tubs offered are from only one manufacturer
  • Walk-In tub prices are not available online
  • Pressured sales tactics 



Wayfair was established in 2002 and has since then grown to be a recognized, leading provider of just about any household item you might need, including walk-in tubs. By utilizing technological innovation, Wayfair has allowed shoppers to quickly and easily find exactly what they want. Wayfair offers over 22 million items spanning home furnishings, housewares, home improvements, and more so you can be certain that whatever you’re looking for, you will likely find them here. Full review here.
wayfair logo


  • A wide range of walk-in tub options are available
  • Prices are available online
  • Free shipping
  • Customer ratings on products available to assist decision-making.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty


  • Strict return policy
  • No lifetime warranty on products
  • Find your own installer or DIY

Bath Depot


Bath Depot is a family-owned Canada-based walk-in tub manufacturer with over 20 years of experience providing quality bathtubs. One distinguishing factor between Bath Depot and other manufacturers is the fact that Bath Depot serves as its own manufacturer, distributor, and retailer! This coupled with the fact that they are a local company pretty much guarantees easy access to quality bathtubs at reasonable prices. Bath Depot currently has close to 40 stores in Quebec and Ontario, as well as over 280 employees. Bath Depot also serves as a distributor for some other manufacturer brands.

Full review here.


  • Local manufacturer, distributor and retailer status guarantees easy access to quality walk-in tubs
  • Competitive prices
  • Return and exchange policy available
  • Wide product range
  • Prices are available online
  • Discounts are also available


  • No lifetime warranty
  • Find your own installer or DIY

Home Depot


Home Depot was founded in 1978 as a revolutionary hardware store for home improvement and the retail industry. Currently, Home Depot is one of the world’s largest home improvement retailers. With an extensive North American presence consisting of over 2,300 stores Home Depot has ensured consistent and convenient delivery of excellence and quality to customers, associates, communities, and shareholders.

Home Depot offers several home improvement products. They also offer walk-in tubs from different manufacturers. If you are looking for walk-in tub options, Home Depot is a good place to start.

home depot logo


  • Prices are available online
  • Home Depot offers walk-in tubs from different manufacturers so there are several walk-in tub options available for you to choose from
  • Competitive prices
  • Returns and special prices are also available


  • Limited warranty
  • Find your own installer or DIY

So Which is the Best Walk-in Bathtub in Canada?

It depends on what features you are prioritizing – whether that be price, comfort, design or something else. We’ve reviewed over 15 Canadian and US walk-in tub companies and rated each one to help you pick the best tub in Canada for your needs.


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