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Silver Cross Stores Review

Silver Cross Stores is a local, Canada-based accessibility and mobility aid provider with its head office in 14 Goodmark Place, Toronto ON M9W 6R1, Canada. With stores located all over Canada, Silver Cross ensures that you have fast and convenient access to mobility aids irrespective of your mobility and accessibility needs.

With over 20 years of history of offering excellent service to people with mobility needs, Silver Cross has perfected the art of actually listening to your needs and providing only the best solutions possible. Silver Cross boasts of a very impressive product line which includes mobility aid devices such as stairlifts, porch lifts, platform lifts, and even bathroom safety items like bath lifts, walk in tubs and shower cars.

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Stair Lifts

Because Silver Cross is a distribution-oriented company with a wide product range, you can rest assured that if you have been in the market for a particular type or model of stairlift and you have so far been unable to find it, you’ll most likely find it at the Silver Cross store near you. Silver Cross makes sure you do not have to worry about shipping logistics and fees by bringing the stairlifts close to you.

Installation And Maintenance

Silver Cross offers both straight and curved stairlifts from various manufacturers and their service technicians are highly trained and more than competent enough to install and service whatever stairlift you purchase. If you so desire, Silver Cross can assist you in the location of a qualified local installer in your environment. 

A Silver Cross team of experts upon request will visit your home, assess it to determine the best kind of stairlift option for you, and tell you how much it will cost all for free. An experienced mobility expert will also be available to gauge the potential rider and offer stairlift modification recommendations to ensure safety at all times.

Costs And Alternatives

The purchase and installation of a straight stairlift from Silver Cross cost around $3000 while curved stairlifts have a starting price of around $7500. Note however that prices may vary depending on stairlift manufacturer, type, the complexity of staircase, and model of stairlift purchased. That is why you should always compare quotes from top Canadian stairlift companies. For people with a limited budget, Silver Cross offers recycled equipment and also provides rental services to meet short-term needs.

Do You Need A Stair Lift?

Age is a thief of independence. As people grow older, they begin to lose their ability to be self-dependent in a lot of things. Take walking as an example, the distance you can walk reduces due to reduced strength and in most cases, restricted mobility. Aging also affects balance which in turn makes simple routine actions like walking up and down a flight of stairs daunting and this now becomes more difficult if the pain is involved in those movements necessary for walking up or down a flight of stairs. All these and more highlight the importance of you owning a stairlift in your home. With a stairlift, you have your independence restored to you to a very large extent. Every area of your home is accessible and stairs are no longer a barrier. You get to age gracefully in that home environment you love safely and without fear of falls that are stair-related. Over the years, there have been several manufacturers and providers of mobility aid services devoted to making sure the aging process of seniors is as convenient and hassle-free as it should be. While a large majority have focused on the manufacture of mobility aids such as stairlifts, A number have focused on the distribution of mobility aids. One of such excellent providers of mobility aid services is Silver Cross Stores.
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  • Wide range of products and services
  • Friendly and competent and professional customer service
  • Delivery of products all over Canada
  • Response time is slow occasionally 
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