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Caretrak Review

Caretrak is a Canadian technology company aiming to reduce senior mortality rates by presenting its phenomenal tracking device. The company is owned by Evolution Wireless, but its products are distributed under the Caretrak brand name. Caretrak’s services are available in several parts of Canada and the United States, as long as there is wireless coverage. They are currently featured on Lumino Health and meet the standards of accreditation by the BBB. They also have a affiliation with CARP ( Canada’s largest advocacy association for older Canadians ) where if you have a CARP membership, you get 10% off medical alert systems. As previously stated, Caretrak specializes in personal emergency response services and the production of other products that combine to make living independently a quality, risk-free experience for seniors and persons with disabilities. One of their most prominent products is their wearable medical alert device that’s equipped with GPS. The system releases a distress signal during a fall or grave event, ensuring the individual gets immediate attention and avoids further medical complications.
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Wearable Alert Pendant

Older individuals and people with disabilities require constant surveillance to ensure they go about their day without encountering situations that may be too difficult to handle or even prove fatal.

However, motoring these individuals when you have other activities to handle can be a hassle. That’s why Caretrak introduced its Wearable Alert Pendant. This device is a must-have item as it comes with all the tools you’ll need to keep feel secure about loved ones’ safety knowing help can be called upon quickly in case of an emergency.

Here are more details about the item.

Key Features

The Wearable Alert Pendant by Caretrak aims to keep the wearer (such as seniors and physically disabled people) safe by providing them access to emergency medical services should their lives be in danger due to a fall or accident. With the wireless GPS system within the pendant, it grants the user fast connection to help regardless of the location or time.

This GPS feature is activated whenever the older adult or disabled individual pushes the pendant’s button, granting them instant access to an audible two-way voice call. If your occupation or engagements prevents you from being available to take an emergency call at any time of the day, you have the liberty to chose who receives this two-way voice call.


  • Lightweight, wearable Alert pendant
  • Requires no landline for connection
  • Automatic fall detection
  • Informs contacts via email or text
  • Useful both indoors and outdoors
  • It operates perfectly across Canada and the US.
  • It comes with dedicated customer service.


  • The pendant audio may be inaudible.
  • The associated fees may be mildly expensive

Emergency Response Team

The first option is the 24/7 emergency response team from Caretrak, consisting of medical experts and trained personnel who aim to provide immediate relief to the disabled or elderly individual in your absence.

After the pendant wearer pushes the SOS button, they instantly connect to this team of professionals who assess the situation and determine if it’s an emergency or a mildly uncomfortable condition that one can rectify over the phone.

In a potentially life-threatening emergency, the certified response team will contact the nearest ambulance in the affected person’s area and other emergency responders to come to their aid. While this emergency unit hurries to save the individual from the troublesome situation, the system proceeds to alert their selected friends and family about the situation via text and email.

Keep in mind that contacts who will be alerted during an emergency are ones you previously selected and logged into the system. If the individual fails to contact family members or friends, no one will be aware of the emergency except the response team.

Friends and Family Response

On the other hand, if the older adult or disabled individual isn’t in need of medical services, you can opt for the family and friends response option.

For this option to function effectively, you need to insert all the individual’s most valuable friends and family members’ contact information. They will most likely be available to lend a hand during an urgent but minor emergency.

Once the wearer presses the SOS button, the wearable alert pendant will automatically create a two-way voice call to the selected individuals. Once someone responds to the phone call, other contacts will receive an alert about the emergency, promoting them to render their assistance.

Suppose the pendant wearer finds themselves in a potentially fatal situation. In that case, the family member may proceed to ask the Caretrak team to intervene by sending an emergency service to their location, or they may summon an ambulance by themselves.

It’s also worth noting that this wearable alert pendant comes with a fall detection system, meaning that if your elderly loved one or disabled individual gets knocked out in a fall and needs instant medical attention, the system would send an alert.

Since this wearable pendant comes equipped with a built-in GPS, the fall detection system will send the wearer’s current location to either the emergency team at Caretrak or their family members, ensuring that they receive first aid as quickly as possible.

Unlike other emergency alert devices, this pendant doesn’t require a nearby landline to send signals during an accident. Push the SOS button, and the wearer will enjoy the instant connection to the nearest assistance.

One can conclude that this wearable pendant is an essential item for every disabled individual or senior who wishes to live life independently but still get quick access to help in the event of an overpowering situation.

In Summary

In the end, one can conclude that Caretrak’s wearable Alert pendant is an essential tool for disabled individuals and older adults who wish to live freely but still have access to quick support whenever the need arises. They can get this desired aid with the pendant’s SOS button’s push and summon support from Caretrak’s emergency response team or their family and friends. In case of a fall, the pendant will automatically call the wearer’s preferred contacts, sending their current location and other relevant information. Consider getting one for a friend or loved one who needs constant monitoring but wishes to live life without physical surveillance.

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