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Mobility 101 Review

The importance of mobility aids, particularly to seniors, cannot be overemphasized. As we grow older, the body ages, gets weaker and increasingly “tired.” This “tiredness” significantly impacts balance and mobility, making movements increasingly difficult and even painful, especially when done for extended periods. However, with the advent of mobility aids, seniors can now live to the fullest, unconstrained by the limiting mobility issues associated with their age.

There are several mobility aid options available in the market today, and there are several different manufacturers/providers of mobility aids as well. 101 Mobility is one such aid provider.

About 101 Mobility

In 2008, 101 Mobility was established in North Carolina with the mission/purpose of making mobility and accessibility solutions widely available to people with limited physical mobility. Now, 101 Mobility is one of the largest mobility aid providers in North America, with stores in over 90 different locations! The secret behind this growth is the company’s excellent technical expertise, product quality and excellent customer service, all of which only serve to underline their dedication to customer satisfaction.

Understanding that each mobility problem is unique, 101 Mobility employs specific, tailor-made solutions to tackle these challenges to ensure customers have mobility solutions that are a perfect fit for their particular conditions and requirements. To facilitate this specificity of service, they offer a free consultation service whereby a team of experts will come to your house to personally assess the situation/condition, take needed measurements and inform you of whatever is needed. In “special” circumstances that require unconventional solutions, the team will analyze and develop a solution that perfectly addresses the situation.

Benefits of 101 Mobility

101 Mobility is a “local” provider with several stores across North America. This means that customers have access to premium quality mobility aids at reduced costs.

They have a team of experts more than capable of understanding what you need done and generating excellent installation outcomes. All technicians that will be involved in the installation process of your mobility aids are factory-certified.

This is a provider that actually cares. This is evidenced by the quality of post-installation support and service they offer. With 101 Mobility, you need not worry about being “abandoned” at any point. What’s more, your requests are solved in the fastest and most efficient way possible, saving you extra costs.
101 Mobility offers a 1-year service warranty on all products purchased. After warranty expiration, you will still have access to an expert team that can provide you with excellent repairs on any of your faulty mobility aids. Suppose you’re just looking for a mobility aid solution for the short-term, and you’re not interested in making a permanent purchase. In that case, there is a rental program available for you to leverage on. Also, if you did purchase a mobility aid, but you no longer need it, 101 Mobility also has a buy-back program where they purchase select used mobility aids (provided they are in good condition and some other requirements are met).

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As earlier mentioned, 101 Mobility has grown into a mobility aid provider with lots of “presence” across North America. This growth and expansion have resulted in a corresponding internal growth that has allowed the company to develop into one with a comprehensive product range.

101 Mobility boasts a broad product line of premium quality mobility aids that include the following:


There are different types of stairs, each one with its own unique requirements. This, of course, means that you will want to make sure that whatever stairlift you’re getting will be an excellent fit for your stair type. 101 Mobility offers several different stairlift types, including:
  • Straight stairlifts
  • Custom curved stairlifts
  • Outdoor stairlifts
  • Stair climbers.
This means irrespective of your stair type; you should be able to find one that is a perfect fit. The stairlifts offered are top manufacturers’ products (including Handicare and Bruno), so they are quality assured. They will also be installed at your convenience.

Platform Lifts

101 Mobility offers vertical and inclined platform lifts produced by the best manufacturers globally, including Savaria, Bruno, Harmar and so on. This ensures customers have access to quality mobility solutions. There are many platform lift options available, so you should find one that is precisely what you’re searching for.

Home Elevators

For customers who are after mobility aid alternatives to platform lifts and stairlifts, 101 Mobility also offers home elevators. There is a wide range of different makes and models of home elevators to choose from, so you will be sure to find exactly what you need. In addition, these elevators can be easily installed in your home in a way that will allow them to blend, match or even improve your home’s aesthetics and market value. Beyond the above-listed mobility aids, 101 Mobility also offers others such as patient lifts, wheelchair ramps, standalone handrails, automatic door openers, pool and spa lifts and even lift chairs. Their impressive product catalogue also consists of power chairs and scooters, wheelchair carriers and even bath safety aids. This ensures customers will most likely find whatever mobility aid they need in a 101 Mobility store.


Because 101 Mobility is a local mobility aid provider, the shipping costs are reduced. Also, since no two situations are the same, customers will get quotes personalized to their specific situation after the free consultation. The mobility aids that require installation are installed at the customer’s convenience, so you won’t need to interrupt your regular routine abruptly. 101 Mobility also offers a warranty on products purchased, preventative maintenance and even rental options for those who aren’t looking for a “permanent” solution.

Why Mobility 101?

Their local presence, very impressive wide product range, service warranty, post-purchase preventative maintenance, highly skilled work base, and their friendly and efficient customer support sum up to make 101 Mobility a very attractive mobility aid provider option. With them as your mobility aid provider, you are very likely to get more than your money’s worth.

However, the major downside is that you will likely not be able to know exactly how much the mobility aid will cost you till after the free consultation, so you will want to bear this in mind.

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