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Wayfair Walk-In Tubs Review

Wayfair is one of the world’s leading online home-improvement shopping sites. Founded in 2002,  Wayfair has since grown to become a well-known, leading provider of virtually any household item, including walk-in tubs. Wayfair has enabled customers to quickly and easily find exactly what they want by utilizing technological innovation to provide customers with easy access to their highly remarkable 22 million item catalogue spanning home furnishings, housewares, home improvements and more!

Wayfair’s excellence in catering to customer needs and delivering satisfaction every time is particularly highlighted by the several awards the company has won since its establishment.

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Best Walk-In Bathtub Companies in Canada

Best Overall


Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, American Standard is a Canadian company with a 150-year history. They collaborate with a wide range of professionals, including consumers, seniors, healthcare experts, builders, architects, and facility managers. They specialize in manufacturing and installing customized walk-in tubs to meet the unique needs of their clients.

  • Age Safe Canada certified
  • Certified Aging In Place Specialists
  • uL, CSA, ETL certifications and audited each year
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Over 140 years of providing engineering excellence and experience, Kohler has built up a history of offering only the highest quality walk-in tubs that rival competition in form, function, and style. Not available everywhere in Canada.

Best For DIY

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Home Depot offers several walk-in tubs from different manufacturers. If you are looking for cheaper walk-in tub options, Home Depot is a good place to start. Keep in mind, you will need your own contractors and installers or be a good DIYer.



Wayfair offers several walk-in tub types ranging from therapeutic bathtubs to combination signature walk-in bathtubs across a wide range of bathtub sizes from several different walk-in tub manufacturers like Kohler.  This article covers some of the most popular walk-in bathtub options offered by Wayfair.

The Ashton Walk-In Soaking BathTub

Produced by Therapeutic Tubs, the Ashton Walk-in Bathtub is manufactured with the highest industrial quality materials to allow for maximum safety and comfort while bathing. Its simplistic walk-in tub design also lends it a certain appeal that also simultaneously allows it to be one of the cheapest bathtub options available on the market today.

Key Features

  • 60 x 30 walk-in bathtub dimension
  • Acrylic Sheet Design
  • 27-Inch Bathtub Depth
  • Inward-opening Door
  • Right and Left Side Drain Location Option
  • 6-Inch Step-In Height
  • 40-Gallon Water Capacity
  • Slip-Resistant Floor Design
  • Tub Overflow And Waste Kit


  • The inward-swinging door reduces the tendency of the Ashton to serve as an obstruction while making it a viable option for bathrooms with limited space.
  • The 27-inch depth, 4O gallon water capacity and 60 x 30 walk-in tub dimension make the Ashton a perfect bathtub for enjoying soaking baths.
  • Slip-resistant floors help to promote safety while moving in and out of the bathtub or even standing in it.
  • The tub waste and overflow kit is an inclusion absent from a lot of other walk-in tubs available on the market


  • There are definitely a lot more walk-in bathtubs with a lower step-in height than the 6-inch step-in height offered by the Ashton
  • Faucets and handles are not included in the walk-in tub product inclusions.
  • Grab bars, an additional safety feature present in most stairlifts are absent here
  • The inward-opening door could limit the mobility of users inside the bathtub.
  • No quick-drain feature
  • No air jets and whirlpool jets for hydrotherapy
  • There is also no heater available with this walk-in bathtub option

Overall, what you get from the Ashton is a pocket-friendly walk-in bathtub that only has basic essential features. If you are looking for something simplistic, then this is an ideal walk-in tub option for you.


The Durango Walk-In Bathtub

If the Ashton is Therapeutic Bathtubs’ basic walk-in tub design, then the Durango is their budget-friendly, luxury walk-in bathtub option.

Key Features

  • 37 x 32 bathtub dimension
  • Outward-swinging door
  • 27-inch Bathtub Depth
  • 6-inch step-in height
  • 45-gallon water capacity
  • Drain Assembly
  • Handshower
  • Faucet
  • Tub Overflow And Waste Kit
  • Grab bar
  • Fibreglass Design
  • Friction Heater
  • Right Or Left Side Drainage Placement Option
  • Slip-Resistant Floor Design


  • Slip-resistant floors help to promote safety while moving in and out of the bathtub or even standing in it.
  • The tub waste and overflow kit is an inclusion absent from a lot of other walk-in tubs available on the market
  • The Handshower/ Shower wand is perfect for directing water flow at hard-to-reach body areas.
  • The walk-in bathtub’s small size makes it a perfect walk-in tub option for bathrooms with limited available space.
  • A grab bar is also present as an additional safety inclusion
  • A heater that helps to heat and maintain water temperature in the walk-in bathtub is also included.
  • The Durango’s 37 x 32 bathtub dimension, 27-inch bathtub depth and 45-gallon water capacity make the walk-in bathtub perfect for taking those very relaxing sitting baths.
  • The outward-opening door is a perfect complement for the walk-in bathtub’s small size.


  • The Durango’s small size means it is definitely not a walk-in bathtub option for individuals of considerable size.
  • There are definitely a lot more walk-in bathtubs with a lower step-in height than the 6-inch step-in height offered by the Durango
  • No quick-drain feature
  • The outward-opening door while being a perfect complement for the bathtub’s small size may however serve as an obstruction to movement in the bathroom.
On the whole, the Durango appears to be another cost-effective walk-in bathtub offer from Therapeutic bathtubs aimed at the provision of a safe, comfortable bathing experience at a minimum cost. Wayfair also offers several other walk-in bathtub options from Therapeutic Bathtubs such as the Mesa Walk-In Bathtub.

The Monaco

The Monaco is a luxury walk-in bathtub option manufactured by Ella Walk-In Baths.

Key Features

  • 95-Gallon Water Capacity
  • 35-Inch Depth
  • “U-shape” Outward-swinging Door
  • Hydro pump
  • Air Jet Massage System
  • Fast Fill Faucet
  • Dual Drain Technology
  • Multifunctional Hand Shower
  • Chromatherapy is also available
  • Right Or Left Side Drainage Placement Option
  • Slip-Resistant Floor Design


  • The 95-gallon water capacity makes the Monaco a perfect walk-in tub for taking soaking baths
  • The presence of an air jet massage system for hydrotherapy and chromotherapy options make the Monaco a great walk-in bathtub option for users looking to enjoy a spa-like bathing experience in the comfort of their homes
  • The multi-functional hand shower can be used for concentrating and directing water flow to hard-to-reach body areas.
  • The fast-fill faucets and dual drain technology ensures minimal waiting time for the bathtub to both get filled with and empty of water


  • The outward-opening door may serve as an obstruction to movement in the bathroom especially in bathrooms with limited space.
Wayfair also offers several more walk-in tub options apart from the ones described above. So customers can be sure of always finding an option that will be a perfect fit for their bathroom needs.


Wayfair offers several walk-in bathtubs from different manufacturers. The walk-in bathtub prices are available online and this helps customers to make a walk-in tub selection for purchase after easily analyzing the several options that fit into their budgets. On most walk-in bathtubs available, Wayfair offers free shipping, limited lifetime warranty and return services. Discounts are also available upon purchase so customers can leverage this to get a good deal on walk-in bathtubs desired.

One major reason to consider purchasing a walk-in bathtub for your home from Wayfair is the fact that Wayfair offers a high content walk-in bathtub product line from several manufacturers with detailed specifications and information provided for each bathtub. This helps customers choose a walk-in bathtub option perfect for their needs from the wide selection available.

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Seniors Bulletin Rating


  • A wide range of walk-in tub options are available
  • Prices are available online
  • Free shipping
  • Customer ratings on products available to assist decision-making.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty
  • Strict return policy
  • No lifetime warranty on products
  • Find your own installer or DIY
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