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Telus Health Medical Alert System Review

TELUS Health is a Canadian health company that aims to make life easier for Canadians with the power of technology. Over 12 million Canadians use TELUS’s Health management solutions and these services are managed by over 2,900 dedicated team members and several key partners. Their numerous programs, such as the TELUS Health for Good™ provides accessible health care to over 30,000 Canadians across the country. One can consider this brand to be the leading name in Canadian medical technology.

As previously stated, Telus is committed to providing Canada’s health care industry with medical solutions through the help of technology. Their offerings make operations in the care industry easier by connecting health teams, streamlining workflows, and empowering medical patients to manage their health easily. They are the technological innovators that wish to revolutionize the health industry in Canada.

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Best Medical Alert Systems for Seniors in Canada

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Life Assure Medical Alert Systems logo

Life Assure is a Canadian company committed to providing medical alert devices for seniors across the country.


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Best App & GPS System

Telus Health is a Canadian company best known for their phone and tv services. Having acquired Direct Alert in 2019 – they now have a combined 10+ years experience in the medical alert system industry.

Low Monthly Fee

Canadian-based Galaxy offers high-quality and affordable medical alert solutions for your protection giving you complete peace of mind while you’re at home or away.


TELUS Mobile Pendant

The TELUS Health Medical Alert Pendant, a state-of-the-art device, merges healthcare with digital innovation to enhance individual safety. It provides instant emergency support, location tracking, and more, ensuring peace of mind for users and caregivers. This wearable device, featuring emergency services connectivity and advanced monitoring, showcases the potential of technology in healthcare. It offers round-the-clock emergency access, fall detection, and clear communication through its built-in speaker and microphone. Lightweight, waterproof, and stylishly designed, it’s ideal for continuous wear. It also includes a Caregiver App, adding another layer of security and convenience, making it a critical tool for modern healthcare and independent living.

Key Features

In the realm of modern healthcare innovations, the TELUS Health Medical Alert Pendant stands out as a paragon of safety and elegance. This meticulously designed device offers the assurance of 24/7 emergency assistance at the mere press of a button, a feature that blends peace of mind with the utmost convenience. Its sophisticated GPS-enabled location tracking system ensures that help is always just a moment away, no matter where you might be.

Adding to its refined functionality, the pendant boasts a two-way voice communication capability, allowing for crystal-clear dialogue in times of need. The integration of advanced fall detection technology is a testament to the pendant’s intelligent design, using algorithms and sensors to provide an immediate response if a fall occurs. To complete this harmonious blend of technology and design, the pendant’s water-resistant and durable build makes it a reliable companion for everyday wear, all while maintaining a sleek and stylish appearance. This blend of practicality and aesthetic appeal echoes the ethos that true quality lies in the details, a principle that resonates deeply in every aspect of this remarkable device.


  • Provides 24/7 access to emergency assistance and GPS-enabled location tracking
  • Advanced fall detection technology
  • Lightweight, water resistant, and has a sleek design with versatile wearing options
  • Affordable cost
  • Caregiver App


  • none

More On TELUS Medical Alert Pendant

LivingWell Companion™ Home (basic)

LivingWell Companion is a medical alert device that provides 24/7 access to personal emergency response service to Canadian seniors, enabling them enjoy living independently without feeling vulnerable. In other words, if you have older adults (either friends or loved ones) who wish to live without constant physical surveillance but isn’t capable of handling complicated situations and emergencies, this technology is a must-have.
Here are more details about the item.

Key Features

Being older adult means that the individual gets to be treated with more respect and care in the community; however, this age also means that they cannot engage in physically or mentally strenuous activities. This fact renders them vulnerable in complicated situations like a burglary, fire outbreak, severe fall, or any potentially life-threatening situation.

For this reason, Telus equipped the LivingWell Companion with all the tools it needs to bring the individual swift help with the mere push of a button. Once this action is performed, the device will send a signal to Telus, informing the trained operators that an emergency has occurred. With the notice, the team will create a two-way voice call between the individual to confirm if the situation is an emergency or one that they can rectify over the phone.

Upon confirming that the situation is a potentially serious issue, Telus will initiate its emergency protocol and contact the nearest emergency service to the client and have their problem rectified in the shortest time possible.


  • Connection to emergency services
  • Built-in mic and speaker for communication
  • Connects to friends and families
  • Coverage is available across Canada
  • Affordable cost


  • Standard version doesn’t possess fall detection feature

LivingWell Companion™ Home (fall detection)

While the LivingWell Companion Go ensures your loved one gets instant access to help while they engage in their outdoor activities, the LivingWell Companion Home keeps them ever connected to TELUS’s watchful eyes while in their residential building. This device is ideal for parents or retired people who spend most of their day at home.
Here are more details about the item.

Key Features

This impressive device provides the user with constant access to help in the event of a fire outbreak, burglary, potentially fatal fall, and anything or the sort. During such complicated situations, the individual may summon help by depressing the emergency button on the device, which creates a connection to the TELUS and prompts then to either solve the problem over the two-way voice call or send an emergency unit over to the domicile.

Besides pressing the emergency button to summon help, the fall detection feature will convey an SOS message plus the location to the response team, promoting them to converse via a two-way voice call to figure out the situation or send an emergency team to handle the situation.

The LivingWell Companion Home package includes a base unit, which comes with a loud speaker that enables the individual to hear and communicate with the center effectively. As for protection, the device is water resistant to moisture, meaning accidental water spillage or anything similar will have no effect on the item.


  • Water-resistant
  • Constant professional monitoring
  • Fall detection feature
  • Loud built-in speaker
  • Emergency button


  • Limited to home use

LivingWell Companion™ On The Go (with GPS) – Old Model Discontinued

The LivingWell Companion On The Go is a mobile version of the standard living well Companion system and it’s designed for seniors and disabled individuals who wish to roam the city or their neighborhood without constant physical surveillance.
In other words, if the wearer wishes to remain active by exploring within Canada, visiting loved ones, jogging short distances, or engaging in any activity that requires a change of location, they can always find help with the LivingWell Companion Go.

Here are more details about the item.

Key Features

This sophisticated device comes with a built-in GPS that reveals the user’s location to their friends and family or TELUS’s emergency team whenever they click the emergency button. Therefore, suppose the individual finds themselves lost in an unfamiliar place while jogging or damages a muscle in the event, they may press the SOS button and get instant access to help.

Additionally, if the user finds themselves unconscious in a fall or unable to move freely after violently hitting the ground, the LivingWell Companion Go has a fall detection feature, which sends an SOS message to the emergency response team – including their location via GPS – thereby sending help their way. It’s the best option for seniors that wish to stay active but close to help.

In terms of portability, this device comes in pendant form, allowing the individual to wear it around their neck while engaging in their regular activities. It’s also water-resistant, meaning that it won’t sustain any damage if accidently dropped in water or gets bombarded by rain.


  • Access to constant, professional monitoring
  • Fall detection feature
  • Water-resistant
  • Built-in GPS
  • 2-way voice communication
  • Emergency button


  • May break upon heavy impact


The at-home systems are available from $40/month on a 1-year term or $55 month to month.  The mobile Pendant option is $60/yr or $75 a month. There is also a $35 activation fee + credit check.

Telus often runs promotions where you can choose a system.  Watch for one of these deals to run a trial of the device and see if it is the right fit for your needs. 


The Final Take

Telus provides some of the best technologies that ensure you remain healthy and free of medical stress as often as possible. If you wish to keep an eye on an elderly individual or disabled loved one, the LivingWell Companion products are a worthwhile option. Keep in mind that they each come with their monthly fees and subscriptions; nevertheless, they are a worthwhile option. 

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  • Easy installation guided by experts
  • Combined billing if Telus customer
  • Small range but good selection of units available
  • One of the big 3 telecommunications company in Canada
  • Sales representative not very knowledgeable
  • Limited warranty
  • Bulky design
  • 1 year contract
  • Credit check
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