Introducing The Newest TELUS Health Medical Alert Pendant: Compact Protection With A Lifesaving Touch

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Wil Thomas
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In today’s technologically advanced world, healthcare and digital tools are coming together to provide increased safety and security for individuals. One such remarkable innovation is the newest state-of-the-art Medical Alert Pendant and Caregiver App from TELUS Health. Designed to offer peace of mind for both users and their loved ones, the combination of this wearable pendant and connected app offers immediate access to emergency assistance, advanced location tracking and a range of other features.

As a global leader in healthcare, TELUS Health has incorporated their vast health industry expertise to bring this medical alert pendant to market with a focus on providing trustworthy and personalized remote patient monitoring. The wearable device is an excellent example of how technology can be used to enhance emergency response and improve safety and wellbeing while also helping to reduce the burden on caregivers and medical professionals.

Features and Benefits

  • The new Medical Alert Pendant by TELUS Health is a reliable and innovative device designed to provide safety and security for individuals who have medical issues, a risk of falling, or are in emergency situations.
  • The device connects users with specially trained emergency service providers and/or caregivers during emergencies, while also offering advanced features and personalized monitoring.
  • The Medical Alert Pendant by TELUS Health demonstrates the potential of technology to improve healthcare services and enhance the lives of those using the product.

The Ultimate Modern Guardian: Always By Your Side

At the core of the TELUS Medical Alert Pendant lies the assurance of 24/7 access to live emergency support. With GPS-enabled location tracking, just a simple push of a button allows users to get help whenever they need it, wherever they are. The inbuilt speaker and microphones ensure that communication is clear, even in challenging situations.

Equipped with the latest technology, this device is versatile, offering a range of features to cater to the diverse needs of its users. The pendant is lightweight and waterproof, ensuring that it can be worn all the time without causing any discomfort. Additionally, it has a long-lasting battery life, making it a reliable companion for older adults and those with medical conditions.

Intuitive and Sleek Design

This wearable safety device offers users a range of features aimed at providing emergency support when needed. The system is activated with a simple push of a button on the pendant itself. In the case of a sudden fall or loss of consciousness, the device also includes a fall detection feature which automatically detects and triggers an emergency response.

The built-in GPS system allows for accurate location tracking in real-time ensuring emergency responders are able to find the wearer quickly and provide prompt assistance if necessary. The pendant also offers two-way voice communication, allowing the user to explain their situation and receive guidance from the specially trained monitoring team.

This device has been designed with users in mind. The TELUS Medical Alert Pendant stands out not just for its functionality, but also for its contemporary and sleek design. At just 72 x 1.38 x 0.57” (69 x 35 x 14.5 mm), it is comfortable for all-day wear, and its modern aesthetic and dark colour can blend in with most attire so users don’t have to sacrifice style for safety.

The minimalist interface, combined with intuitive light signals, further amplifies its innovative design, making it not just a medical alert device, but a statement piece of modern technology.

The Medical Alert Pendant by TELUS Health can be worn around the user’s neck on a lanyard or on a belt with a belt clip. Both are provided in the packaging for the device.

In addition, there are easy-to-decipher light signals for calling function, charging status and battery life; and it comes with an easy-to-read instruction manual so users and caregivers alike can feel fully confident in the device’s operation.

Advanced Fall Detection

One of the standout features of this pendant is the advanced fall detection. Using a combination of algorithms and sensors, the device can accurately detect when the wearer has experienced a fall. In such instances, the pendant will automatically call an operator who will either dispatch emergency services or contact any emergency contacts previously listed by the user. In rare cases when the device may not detect a fall, users or caregivers are encouraged to press and hold the call button for assistance and not wait for the fall detection to activate. As with most fall detection devices, it is most accurate when worn over clothing on your chest with the provided lanyard.

Water-Resistant and Durable

The Medical Alert Pendant by TELUS Health is water-resistant, making it durable for everyday use. Each package includes the pendant itself, a lanyard, belt clip and a charging cradle, offering users the flexibility to wear it in the manner they find the most comfortable.

Dual Operational Modes

The Medical Alert Pendant by TELUS Health offers two operation modes:

  • Always-On-Mode: This mode offers continuous emergency response, with features such as fall detection, GPS / Wi-Fi / cellular location tracking, two-way HD speaker and microphone functionality, caregiver app access and a remote device-finding feature. Despite its plethora of features, it offers an impressive six days of battery life per charge.
  • Ready-Mode: This mode extends the battery life up to 16 days per charge, still maintaining key features such as fall detection, GPS / Wi-Fi / cellular location tracking, and two-way communication.

A Helping Hand for Caregivers

The Caregiver App is a handy digital tool for those responsible for the user’s care. The Caregiver app can provide the last location of the device, a step counter, the most recent alarm, battery level alerts and a device locator. One of the most helpful features is the “first motion of the day” alert, which can indicate the first motion of the device detected after 5:00 a.m.

telus caregiver app

TELUS Talks And A Professional Look At Aging At Home

Dr. Samir Sinha, Director of Geriatrics at Sinai Health and a renowned expert in the field of geriatrics, has been particularly vocal about aging and caregiving for older people.
On a recent podcast, Dr. Sinha encourages more options to help people age in place with dignity, this includes taking advantage of innovative technologies for improved long-term care for older people. Modeling many opportunities after the Denmark healthcare system, he advocates for people aging in place longer and encourages Canadians and our government to rethink elder care integrating more at home and digital services as an option before long-term care homes and “facilities” are required.

With the TELUS Medical Alert Pendant, older people can stay at home longer, aging in place and being cared for by loved ones and caregivers. This approach also has the potential to improve safety and wellbeing. Health professionals, like Dr. Sinha, are regularly emphasizing the importance of adopting digital innovations in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

A valuable solution that directly addresses the needs and concerns of older people, the Medical Alert Pendant by TELUS Health provides a much-needed sense of security while promoting independent living and overall wellbeing to significantly enhance the quality of life for its users.

Newest And Favourite Member Of TELUS Health Family

Safety, convenience and peace of mind are indispensable in today’s world, especially for those who might be more vulnerable to medical emergencies. With the TELUS Medical Alert Pendant, users and their caregivers will be assured that they have the latest technology available that combines rapid emergency medical assistance and a modern wearable design. Whether through the advanced fall detection, the two-way communication, or the Caregiver App, this device can be used as a part of a comprehensive safety plan for people as they age.

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