Canadian Safe Step Walk-In Tub Inc. Review

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Canadian Safe Step Walk-In Tub Co. Review

Established on the belief that your bathroom should be a place of comfort instead of a place of fear, Safe Step has grown to become an industry leader in the manufacture of walk-in bathtubs. Safe Step Walk-In Tub Company is dedicated to offering industry-leading safety, comfort, and freedom to clients. Boasting walk-in tubs that are manufactured to the highest industry standards, and a customer service that is second to none, Safe Step has firmly cemented its position as one of the foremost manufacturers of quality walk-in tubs with both standard and luxury features. What’s more, the manufacture of Safe Step’s walk-in tubs is done in North America. This ensures that clients based in North America have access to walk-in tubs of superior quality at affordable prices. It also ensures that clients will have access to fast and responsive service.
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Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, American Standard is a Canadian company with a 150-year history. They collaborate with a wide range of professionals, including consumers, seniors, healthcare experts, builders, architects, and facility managers. They specialize in manufacturing and installing customized walk-in tubs to meet the unique needs of their clients.

  • Age Safe Canada certified
  • Certified Aging In Place Specialists
  • uL, CSA, ETL certifications and audited each year
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Over 140 years of providing engineering excellence and experience, Kohler has built up a history of offering only the highest quality walk-in tubs that rival competition in form, function, and style. Not available everywhere in Canada.

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Home Depot offers several walk-in tubs from different manufacturers. If you are looking for cheaper walk-in tub options, Home Depot is a good place to start. Keep in mind, you will need your own contractors and installers or be a good DIYer.



Safe Step offers several walk-in tub types with both standard and luxury features. To achieve maximum user safety and satisfaction, Safe Step also offers a hybrid tub which is a mix of the walk-in bathtub and a walk-in shower.

With Safe Step, you can be assured of premium walk-in tubs with the following features:

Quality Build

Safe Step is dedicated to providing walk-in tubs of the finest quality available on the market. In the course of the manufacture of the walk-in tubs, Safe Step employees work on each tub produced individually to guarantee walk-in tub quality. Each tub goes through a 14-point quality control inspection and is thoroughly tested to guarantee it matches industry-leading standards.

Therapeutic Benefits

Safe Step offers walk-in tubs designed for both optimal relaxation and therapeutic benefits. Therapeutic features offered in Safe Step walk-in tubs include:

Hydro-Jet Water Therapy

Safe Step walk-in tubs contain 10 strategically positioned hydro-jets which help to provide massage for the body. The Hydro-Jets are also designed to relieve tight, hurting body regions. The jets may be adjusted to suit user preferences for a more individualized bathing experience. Walk-in tub users can also make adjustments to the speed and intensity or target particular body areas such as legs, feet, and back with the Hydro-Jets to ensure a most comfortable overall bathing experience.

MicroSoothe Technology

Safe Step walk-in bathtubs are also equipped with a MicroSoothe Air Therapy System. The MicroSoothe Air Therapy system is used to achieve a spa-like bathing experience. This is achieved by circulating millions of small, oxygen-filled bubbles throughout the tub. The oxygen-enriched bubbles produced by the MicroSoothe technology are used to achieve a gentle deep clean of users’ skin and simultaneously keep the water warm ensuring you can bath as long as you want. 


Chromotherapy has been demonstrated to have relaxing effects on mood and thinking as well as on body, mind, and spirit as a whole to help users relax while lowering anxiety and tension. As a result, every Safe Step Walk-In Tub has chromotherapy as a standard feature. Within the tub, users may select from seven distinct light colors based on personal preference.


Smell, according to holistic practitioners, is important for relaxation, as well as mental and physical healing. This approach and characteristics are used by Safe Step Walk-In Tubs by facilitating the dissolution of essential oils via the MicroSoothe® Advanced Air Therapy System thereby ensuring the release of pleasant, calming smells.

Dual Hydrotherapy Massage System

Safe Step bathtubs utilize a combination of adjustable whirlpools and air massage jets to help provide relief and alleviation of aches in conditions like chest congestion, colds, lower back pain, poor circulation, arthritis, stress, rheumatism, varicose veins, and so on.

Personal Hygiene Support

Knowing fully well that cleaning of some parts of the walk-in bathtubs will require bending to some extent, and bearing in mind that walk-in bathtubs are mostly used by seniors who to one extent or the other have trouble bending, Safe Step walk-in bathtubs come preinstalled with bidets built into walk-in tub seats to improve the safety and comfort of users when cleaning the walk-in tub.

Also, SafeStep walk-in tubs contain the Safe Water Ozone Cleaning System standard. This system is used to continuously cleanse the water through the jets, keeping bacteria out of the tub. This ensures that you always have a safe and hygienic bathing experience.

Convenience Features

Safe Step bathtubs also have several features to maximize the comfort of users and allow for optimal ease of use of the bathtubs. Features such as low step-in height, heated seat and back, hand-held shower wand, inward opening right or left-handed door, adjustable headrest, no-strength locking handle, and easy to reach controls (like an electronic keypad and floating, waterproof remotes) are all geared towards providing maximum user comfort. 

Safe Step Walk-in bathtubs are easy to clean and they fit into the same space as your traditional bathtub. They have ADA-compliant rapid-fill faucets, rapid drain systems, and a built-in towel bar. 

Safe Step Hybrid Tub

The Safe Step hybrid tub was designed to maximize comfort and provide users with the optimal bathing experience. The Hybrid tub is a mix of the Safe Step walk-in tub and walk-in bath. The Hybrid tub contains all features found in the normal walk-in bathtub as well as some additional features such as Foot Massaging Jets, Anti Slip Surface, Auto-Gravity Purge Jets, Anti-Scald Technology, Mold Resistant Gel-Coating, Wider Door, Built-In Grab Bars, Overflow drain, Industrial Strength Aluminum Frame and EZ access panels. Like the normal walk-in bathtubs, the Hybrid tub also fits into the same space as your traditional bathtub.


Costs of Safe Step walk-in bathtubs are not available online although you can call to get a free quote or to schedule a free consultation. All walk-in bathtubs are offered with a lifetime warranty on parts of the walk-in tub and it also includes labor as well! Discounts on purchases are available as well.

Overall, you certainly can’t go wrong by opting for a Safe Step bathtub as the bathtubs are available both with features you and the ones you aren’t even aware you want.

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  • Safe Step tubs are designed to be a perfect fit (size-wise) when compared with your existing tub thereby reducing costs and avoiding major home remodeling.
  • Free consultation and professional installation
  • Little remodeling required during the installation of walk-in tubs
  • Walk-in tubs are available at comparatively cheaper costs.
  • Communication problems with company personnel often leave users dissatisfied
  • There have been some complaints about installation problems
  • Pressured sales tactics 
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