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Tunstall Review

Tunstall is a world leader in remote care and safety monitoring.  With more than 50 years in the business, they continue to develop innovative telehealthcare solutions and provide service in 40 countries.

Is Tunstall Medical Alert System in Canada?

Yes, Tunstall came to Canada in the early ‘90s offering a selection of emergency response solutions for seniors.

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Tunstall Vi+ Medical Alert System

This system offers two-way emergency response for in-home use.  The Tunstall Vi+ can also support devices such as motion sensors, fall detectors, flood detectors, wireless pull cords, plus many more options.

The Tunstall Vi+ can also be programmed to call the professional monitoring center or phone a family member or friend.  It is a good option for those still in their own home or seniors who are living in Supportive Housing or Assisted Living Facilities.  The system is also capable of sending emails or text messages using VoiceGate software.

Key Features

  • Attractive, sleek design is non-clinical and unobtrusive
  • Audio messages available in 3 languages to announce call progress and status messages
  • Illuminated help button to be easily located at night
  • Convenient cancel button in case help button is accidentally pressed
  • Allows up to six timed reminder messages to be recorded by a caregiver and sent to the user at the designated time. This feature can optionally be monitored by a professional monitoring service, so that if a reminder is not acknowledged by the user then an information call is sent to the center
  • Activity monitoring uses sensors strategically placed in the home to detect activities of a resident living alone and to automatically trigger an alarm call when there is an exception to the normally expected pattern of activity. Allows two periods during the day to be monitored. The periods and durations can be specifically defined for the individual resident
  • Can be configured to monitor for intrusions to the dwelling and report silently to the monitoring service
  • For clients who rely on one (or two) regular daily visits to the home by a care giver, the Caresse + can be configured to monitor those visits and report immediately if a visit does not occur on time
  • Virtual sensors allow information from individual simple sensors to be combined to monitor a sequence of activities and to trigger an alarm call if there are exceptions
  • Easy switching between hands-free and handset mode allows non-emergency calls to be made in private by picking up the handset of an attached telephone
  • Dials up to 10 emergency telephone numbers in multiple call sequences
  • Sends Calls to either a Professional Monitoring centre or to a personal recipient
  • Ability to answer an incoming telephone call using the Amie pendant or iVi Fall Detector
  • Ability to signal a “beep” if user is unable to speak
  • Recordable voice tags allow messages to be recorded and used to replace fixed phrases for personal recipient
  • Ability to Auto Answer calls from known sources
  • Audio messages available in 3 languages to announce call progress and status messages
  • Configurable periodic test calls i.e. weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Compatible with iVi intelligent pendant with fall detection
  • Ability to detect that the iVi is not worn

iVi Intelligent Pendant with Fall Detection

Acting as both an emergency button and a fall detector, the iVi can automatically detect falls and alert the monitoring center or a care provider so that help can be on the way.

The iVi Intelligent Pendant with Fall Detection is waterproof, lightweight, and is worn around the neck.  The pendant is compatible with the Tunstall Vi+ Medical Alert system and can add an extra sense of security for seniors who may be worried about falling and not being able to get to a phone to request help.

An added feature of this product is a “not worn” alert.  This will notify the Response Center if the device has not detected movement for a specified period of time and someone can follow up to ensure everything is okay.

Key Features

  • Adjustable fall sensitivity is customizable to suit individuals
  • Convenient cancel button enables the wearer to cancel fall activations if assistance is not required, eliminating unnecessary calls
  • Supervised replaceable battery offers low battery alerts and easy maintenance
  • Not-worn alert notifies the Response Center if the device has not registered movement for a specified period of time indicating it may not have been worn. Responsible parties can then follow-up with subscribers to ensure compliance
  • Visual and audio alerts notify and provide reassurance to the user that the iVi has detected a fall

Amie Personal Activator

This is a small, discreet device designed to be more comfortable to wear.  It has more options such as wearing it as a necklace, clipped to a shirt or belt, or on the wrist.  It is water resistant and will work up to 390 feet away from the base.

Key Features

  • Multiple wearing options include necklace and bracelet (belt clip may be ordered separately)
  • Water resistant (IP67) personal activator is designed to be worn in shower or bath. It can be immersed in 3 meters of water for up to 30 minutes and remain waterproof
  • 390ft (120m) radio range in free space, suitable for typical dwellings/homes
  • Compatible with the Tunstall Vi+
  • Emergency calls from a Vi+ can be sent to a:
  • PBX telephone switch
  • Wireless telephones
  • Cellular Telephones
  • Pocket Pagers
  • Professional Monitoring centre
  • Friend, relative, neighbours, etc.


The Tunstall CEL MXD uses a cellular network for communication with the Emergency Response Center.  This is a great option for those without a landline in the home.  This system has a two-way voice base console and a personal activator switch that can be worn as a lanyard or as a wristband.

Key Features

  • Audible announcements available in English or Spanish
  • 60 hour back-up console battery
  • Integrated loud speaker & microphone
  • Operates on a cellular network
  • Compatible with the MyActive Fall Detector


The myActive pendant is equipped with an automatic fall detection system.  It has a water-resistant HELP button so that you can request help anytime you need it with the push of a button.

Key Features

  • Advanced algorithms that enables the myActive to distinguish between fall and non-fall events.
  • Auto cancel feature will automatically cancel the call if steps are detected immediately after a fall event, eliminating unnecessary calls.
  • Small, lightweight design makes it discreet and easy to wear.
  • 600ft radio range in free space makes it suitable for typical dwellings/homes.
  • The myActive can be easily programmed to CEL MXD.
  • Can be worn in shower or bath.
  • Supervised auto presence notifies the Emergency Response Center if the myActive is not seen/ within range of the console for a specified period of time.


The costs will vary depending on the features you are looking to have included.  For information on pricing call 1-800-892-2205.

What Kind of Protection Do You Need?

First of all, choose the base system that you need dependent on whether or not you have a landline or will be using a cellular network.  After that, speak to caregivers and health care professionals to assist with determining your needs.  Having a Medical Alert System will give both you and your caregiver peace of mind that help can be on the way if you experience any kind of emergency.

Seniors Bulletin Rating


  • Attractive, sleek design is non-clinical and unobtrusive
  • Audio messages available in 3 languages to announce call progress and status messages
  • Illuminated help button to be easily located at night
  • Convenient cancel button in case help button is accidentally pressed
  • Prices can greatly vary
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