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Pulse Alert Review

PulseAlert is a veteran-owned Canadian medical alert service provider that is committed to the Restoration of independence for older Canadians one medical alert system at a time. The company is headquartered at 21 King Street West, 5th floor, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

PulseAlert was founded by Todd Griffiths who after the loss of his father due to what (as he was later told) a fall that he would have survived if he had access to fast medical intervention. As a result of that one experience, Todd started PulseAlert to ensure that no one has to go through the same things that he did.

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PulseAlert has a product line of highly effective, pocket-friendly medical alert systems that are also easy to use.

ProtectWell Home

PulseAlerts’s ProtectWell Home is a low-cost medical alert system that helps you remain safe and within range of accessing help whether you’re in or just around your house. It has the added advantage over its competitors because it does not require a landline. It boasts of a wireless-enabled emergency alert base station that grants you access to on-demand assistance from the comfort of your own home.

Key Features

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Clear Two-way audio communication.
  • 24/7 access to the emergency monitoring center
  • Base station with a wearable help button
  • Water resistance
  • Cellular connectivity
  • 1000 feet range protection area
  • Automatic fall detection
  • 80-hour backup battery


  • A base station that does not require a landline to aid connectivity
  • The 1000 feet range protection area means you are still able to access help whether you are in the house or the yard.
  • The help button is wearable and easy to transport.
  • Water resistance of the wearable help button means even while you are in the shower or other wet conditions, help is still within reach at the push of a button.
  • Automatic fall detection sensors immediately activate the two-way connection with the emergency monitoring center ensuring that you get access to help immediately.
  • The 80-hour backup battery ensures that you are still able to gain access to help even in the event of a power outage.
  • The base station can be used with multiple help buttons ensuring that one device is enough to meet the safety needs of you and your loved ones.


  • You have to ensure you stay within range else the help button is useless.
  • If the help button is not worn, it could easily be lost due to its small size.
  • Only the help button is water-resistant. The base station is not.
  • Communication with the emergency monitoring center is only possible using the base station.
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ProtectWell Active

The ProtectWell Active is used for on-the-go monitoring and protection. It is a small, wearable, and portable device with a help button centrally located.

Key Features

  • GPS and WiFi connectivity
  • AT&T Cellular connectivity
  • Automatic fall detection
  • Long battery life.
  • 24/7 access to the emergency monitoring center
  • Clear two-way communication
  • Wide coverage area (everywhere in Canada with cellular connectivity)
  • Water resistance.


  • GPS and WiFi connectivity ensures that your location can be monitored in real-time and upon request for help, it can be dispatched in your direction easily and accurately.
  • Long battery life ensures that you don’t have to charge it every day and in case of a blackout, you’re still able to access help whenever needed.
  • Wide coverage area makes sure that irrespective of your location in Canada, you can be monitored and you can access help whenever needed.
  • Pre Installed with AT&T service subscription.
  • Automatic fall detection ensures that in the event of a fall, you have instantaneous access to request for help or have help dispatched to you automatically.
  • Water-resistance makes it ideal for use in wet conditions whether outdoors in the rain or at home in the shower.


  • Only supports the pre-installed AT&T
  • The help button is small and could easily be lost if not worn or carefully kept.


The ProtectWell Active subscription is offered at just $1.99 per day while the ProtectWell Home subscription is offered at low as $1.23 per day. In both subscriptions, equipment is supplied and shipped free of charge and there is no activation fee. The automatic fall detection feature is optional and is available at an additional cost.

The Final Take

PulseAlert offers excellent services that are unrivaled in the medical alert systems space. Pulse deals exclusively in the provision of only the best quality of products that provide you with unrivaled monitoring whether at home or on the go. PulseAlert has in its employ teams of highly trained, very qualified medical representatives that are the perfect mix of professionalism and friendliness to ensure that you have the perfect customer service experience highlighted by easy communication and competent intervention every hour of the day, every day of the week. PulseAlert is also quite active in the veteran community in Canada. They employ veterans and also assist them in integrating into the workforce.

PulseAlert also offers flexible, pocket-friendly medical alert services to ensure that cost does not impede anyone seeking quality medical alert provision.

PulseAlert at unbelievably low cost, their medical alert services are one to consider if you’re looking to get a medical alert system for yourself or your loved ones.

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