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Life Alert


Life Alert is an American medical alert company founded in 1987 that provides personal emergency response and home medical alert systems. This long-standing company has over 600 people ensuring they keep their dedicated customers protected 24/7.

Is Life Alert Available in Canada?

No, they do not currently service Canada. If you are looking for Life Alert in Canada, be sure to check out our top medical alert system alternatives.

“I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get up!”

Life Alert is most known for it’s famous slogan “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” This is when Life Alert can help! They offer personal emergency response services and home medical alert systems to seniors and people with disabilities to ensure they have help whenever it is necessary by calling for immediate assistance by contacting the individual’s emergency contact list, or in more serious cases, calling emergency medical services. They currently take over 2 million calls a year. These calls were potentially life saving! Life Alert is quick to respond and has your or your loved ones’ information readily available.

Top Life Alert Alternatives in Canada

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  • Galaxy Medical Alert
  • Canadian-based Galaxy offers high-quality and affordable medical alert solutions for your protection giving you complete peace of mind while you’re at home or away.

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  • SecurMedic logo
  • SecurMEDIC is a Canadian medical alert systems provider, founded in 2009, with its headquarters located in Vancouver.

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  • Medical Guardian
  • Medical Guardian offers a wide range of innovative emergency response products for your every need. Device restrictions may apply in Canada.

Life Alert Canada

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At Home

Life Alert comes with the base station usually kept in the individual’s home. It sends a wireless signal to the emergency response team after the pendant or wristband button has been pressed. 

The base station comes with a relatively long range of 800 feet, allowing the senior or disabled individual to be around their house or even visit a close by neighbour without fear of losing a connection with the base station. Ranges may vary slightly.

Upon pressing the pendant or wristband button, the base station sends a signal to Life Alert, thereby placing a call to their centre, which the user can hear either via the mobile pendant or the loudspeaker on the base station. Depending on the situation, Life Alert will either contact a list of personal caregivers or the local emergency responders. At times, the local emergency service responders will be contacted immediately depending on the medical situation.

What makes this company a worthwhile option for seniors is that they offer professional installation to the customer’s home. Therefore, the individual doesn’t have to worry about getting the setup process wrong as Life Alert will take care of this.


  • Audible speaker 
  • Relatively long range of 800 feet 
  • Instant connection to medical help 24/7
  • Installed by life alert themselves
  • Choice of cellular or landline
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Does not possess fall detection
  • Range may not be shorter than advertised. 


If the senior or disabled individual wishes to live independently and travel outside their home, they can opt for Life Alert’s Help On-the-Go device. 

Key Features:

This device’s primary purpose is to send an emergency signal to the emergency response team. You or your loved one does not need to be at home or near the base unit in order for this device to work. It has a built-in GPS system that helps track and locate the user. It is also equipped with a visible button that’s easily accessible and requires little effort to press. The item comes with a long-lasting battery that stays intact for years. 

For portability, the user can wear the device as a keychain, belt clip, or as a necklace to ensure easy access. Alternatively, they can carry it in their pocket or bag as its lightweight device permits this option. 


  • Waterproof 
  • Nationwide coverage 
  • Lightweight 
  • Portable 
  • Long-lasting battery 


  • Doesn’t possess fall detection


Every year, thousands of accidents occur in the shower due to the surface’s slippery nature. These environments may seem safe to regular individuals, but the elderly or people with disabilities may sustain serious injuries or bone fractures due to a small slip and fall in the shower. 

Life Alert has the perfect tool: the Shower Help button that enables the individual to call for help while in the bathroom.

Key Features:

Unlike the pendant and base station, the shower help button is a simple device that connects the individual to emergency medical services in the bathtub and shower. It can also be used at any other location within the home if a user wants a more permanent location for a stationary button. While the pendant is useful in many situations, most people will remove the pendant button while taking a bath or shower. In order to call for help when falling in the bathroom, the shower help button is a suitable option. 

Note that this device doesn’t require constant charging since there is a long battery life. The item is also waterproof, ensuring that it doesn’t fail due to moisture whenever you need it. 

It’s the fastest way to get help in a challenging situation. 


  • Waterproof 
  • Long-lasting battery 
  • Microphone and speaker for conversing with Life Alert
  • Wireless connectivity 


  • Doesn’t possess fall detection

How Much Does Life Alert Cost in Canada?

Depending on which system you go with, you can pay anywhere from $35 a month to $50 a month. But remember that you will have to sign a longer term contract. *Updated Life Alert no longer serves Canada.


While Life Alert products are sufficient to keep your loved ones safe whenever they require help. The pendant, home-based system, and shower help button provide them with access to all the support they need at home, and the HELP On-the-Go device connects them to support while they out and about.

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