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Red Dot Alerts Review

Red Dot alerts was formerly known as Bruyère Helpline Personal Alert Solutions, a name that has been highly associated with the exemplary provision of top-notch senior medical care since 1986. Red Dot personal alert solutions is a Canadian-owned, medical alert system provider with over 30 years of history of providing quality care. At Red Dot, your safety is the exclusive focus.
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Life Assure is a Canadian company committed to providing medical alert devices for seniors across the country.


Receive FREE Protection Plan ($49.99 Value)

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Telus Health is a Canadian company best known for their phone and tv services. Having acquired Direct Alert in 2019 – they now have a combined 10+ years experience in the medical alert system industry.

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Canadian-based Galaxy offers high-quality and affordable medical alert solutions for your protection giving you complete peace of mind while you’re at home or away.


Medical alert systems provided to you from Reddot personal alert solutions are ULC certificated indicating that they have been thoroughly evaluated and are quality and safety assured. Whether you are at home or on the move, Red Dot has a product line specifically developed to ensure that help is never far away from you.

On-The-Go Personal Alert Solution

The Red Dot on the go personal alert solution helps you maintain your independence while guaranteeing your safety at all times in every location in Canada with cellular coverage. The push of a centrally placed help button immediately connects you to a bilingual professional operator who will assess your situation, determine your location via GPS tracking and notify emergency services or a personal contact on your behalf as well as providing follow-up services to track the arrival of emergency services.

Key Features

  • Protection all day, every day
  • Real-time, two-way voice communication
  • 36-hour battery life.
  • Location sensors that automatically send texts to your relatives immediately you leave a pre-established safe zone.
  • Water resistance.
  • Automatic fall detection.
  • GPS and Cellular coverage


  • Its small size and the option of wearing it as a pendant means transporting it is never an issue.
  • Water-resistance guarantees that you will be able to request help in wet conditions such as rain or snow as well as in the shower thus, you are covered no matter where you are.
  • It does not require frequent changing thanks to the 36-hour power backup it possesses.
  • With the two-way communication linked to a customer service center, you can request help from a ULC-Certified operator in real-time with minimal delay.
  • Automatic fall detection immediately alerts Red Dot and activates two-way communication.
  • GPS support ensures that your location can be quickly and accurately determined at all times in case of a fall.


  • Compared to some other competition products, 36 hours of battery life is not all that impressive.
  • Its small size means it could be easily lost or misplaced.
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At Home Personal Alert Solution

This is a medical alert option designed to meet your medical alert needs at home. It has a two-way communication enabled, speakerphone design that also plugs into any landline. In addition, there is also a help button with two-way communication enabled to offer you coverage in case you are not able to get to a phone.

Key Features

  • 24-hour protection every day
  • Up to 400-meter range detection ability
  • Two-way voice communication
  • Wearable Help button
  • Water resistance
  • Automatic fall detection
  • 36-hour battery life
  • Speakerphone that plugs into any landline.
  • Cellular coverage and WiFi connectivity for wearable device


  • 400-meter range detection is pretty much more than sufficient for the average house that the wearable help button takes care of exceptions
  • Water-resistance means use in the shower is not a problem.
  • Automatic fall detection immediately activates the two-way voice communication with a ULC-Certified operator.
  • 36-hour battery life means it doesn’t have to be charged every day.


  • Coverage is limited to the home.
  • 36-hour battery life isn’t all that special compared to alternative products.
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Red Dot Memory care (SafeSole)

Red Dot also has a very exciting product in development known as SafeSole. SafeSoles are shoe insoles with built-in batteries that are embedded with sensors for GPS tracking and also support cellular coverage. It provides information on whether the wearer has left a predetermined safe zone and also has a smartphone app for real-time monitoring.

Key Features

  • GPS and Cellular coverage
  • Water resistance
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Smartphone app
  • End-to-end cloud-based monitoring service.


  • Smartphone app helps with real-time monitoring of loved ones
  • Water-resistance ensures wet conditions will not be a problem
  • GPS helps to determine location per time.
  • Caregivers can set safe zones for their loved ones and they will get alerted whenever their loved ones leave the pre-established safe zone.
  • It is ideal for seniors suffering from memory-related medical conditions such as dementia.


  • Soles always have to be in shoes that are being worn. Caregivers or seniors always have to remember to put the soles in the shoes they plan to wear.
  • It may not be durable enough.
  • It is quite pricey
smart sole


The Red Dot On-The-Go Personal Alert Solution equipment costs $99 while the monthly subscription fee is $59.99. The At-Home Personal Alert Solution plan costs $39.99 per month. Inclusion of the fall detection feature will cost an additional $10 also paid monthly.

The Red Dot Memory care equipment costs about $399 and it has a subscription plan of $34.99 monthly.

The Final Take

Red Dot’s medical alert system products are easy to install and free to activate. There are no cancellation fees and they offer free shipping of equipment right to your doorstep anywhere in Canada. They also offer a risk-free guarantee and a lifetime warranty for the equipment they supply. The costs of the equipment might be a bit on the high side but considering that you’re getting quality, reliable and efficient medical alert care this good, It is well worth it.

If you are seeking a quality medical alert system provider for yourself or your loved ones to keep you independent, mobile, and safe, this is for you. Red Dot alerts is the only medical alert system created by specialists in elderly care. Red Dot Alerts offers you a 24-hour guaranteed peaceful and worry-free mind whether you are at home or not. Anywhere you are in Canada with cellular coverage, Red Dot has you covered. Red Dot has Canadian call centers operated by highly trained, competent bilingual operators dedicated to providing you with the best customer service experience. They also have a fast and highly efficient emergency response team that ensures you get the medical care you deserve unhampered by distance or location in case of a fall or medical emergency. The best part is, Red Dot, does not just provide services for assuring the protection and safety of seniors, they provide the same for people across all age range who need the reassurance of safety when they’re alone or on the move.

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  • Real-time, two-way voice communication
  • Location sensors that automatically send texts to your relatives immediately you leave a pre-established safe zone (On The Go)
  • Water resistance
  • Automatic fall detection
  • GPS, Cellular and WiFi coverage
  • Short battery life at only 36 hours
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