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Acorn has been striving to create new benchmarks in quality and innovation for the stairlift industry since its formation in 1992. Stairlift manufacturer, Acorn has grown to become the world’s largest independent firm devoted only to the manufacturing and installation of these devices because of its innovative designs and engineering expertise. Acorn’s cutting edge Stairlifts building processes take place in their Yorkshire and Scotland facilities from where they are shipped to over eighty countries all over the world.

Want to hear something really amazing? here goes:

According to statistics carried out, stairlifts from Acorn Stairlifts are installed somewhere in the world every eight minutes, every single day of the year. This alone gives an indication of just how wide a reach Acorn has secured due to the production of high-quality stairlifts that customers absolutely love as a result of their safety and effectiveness.

In addition to their well-known engineering excellence and attention to detail, Acorn also boasts of efficient customer service that is ready to deliver quality service before, during, and even after the installation of stairlifts. Acorn Stairlifts is also a multi-award-winning company that has been recognized for the quality of the stairlifts they provide as well as the services they render.

In Canada, Acorn Stairlifts have a registered presence located at Unit 101, 5555 North Service Road, Ontario L7L 5H7. There is also a toll-free number you can call for inquiries. The number is 1 833 295 6749.

Acorn Stairlifts

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Acorn Stairlifts offer stairlifts of various types that ensure there is an option to meet your needs regardless of whether your staircase is straight, curved, or even situated outdoors.

The Acorn 130 Stairlift 

The Acorn 130 stairlift is a product of continuous improvement on the Acorn superglide that is Acorn’s very first stairlift for straight staircases. As with the Acorn superglide, the Acorn 130 stairlift is designed for straight staircases.

Key features:

  • Smooth start and stop mechanism
  • Slimline and foldable design
  • Stairlift hinged option
  • Safety features such as the diagnostic display, backup battery, folding footrest, remote control, and seat belt.
  • Safety sensors
  • 300lbs-350lbs maximum weight capacity


  • Slimline and foldable design helps to promote efficient management of space.
  • A ton of safety features designed to ensure that users are as safe and as comfortable as possible.
  • The optional hinged rail helps to reduce the risk of falling as a result of tripping on parts of the stairlift.
  • Stairlifts are designed to attach directly to the steps of your home and not the wall thereby ensuring that no structural modifications or changes have to be made.
  • The backup battery guarantees functionality in cases of power outages.
  • Safety sensors detect the presence of obstacles and stop the stairlift from moving.
  • Fast and mess-free installation of stairlifts.


  • Can only be used on straight staircases, not designed for staircases with curves or landings.
  • The exposed gear rack on the top of the rail, if not properly cleaned and maintained, can generate service-related concerns.
Acorn Stair Lifts

The Acorn 180 Stairlift 

   The Acorn 180 stairlift was designed to meet the needs of people who need a stairlift but have curved staircases or staircases with landings (with which the Acorn 130 is incompatible).

Key features:

  • Hinged rail option for stairlift
  • Safety features such as the diagnostic display, backup battery, folding footrest, remote control, and seat belt.
  • Slimline and foldable design.
  • Smooth start and stop mechanism
  • Sensitive control buttons
  • Safety sensors
  • 266lbs maximum weight capacity


   In addition to all the benefits of the Acorn 130 stairlift model, the Acorn 180 stairlift model has an additional advantage.

  • Its design makes it the ideal choice for use in homes with curved staircases or staircases with multiple landings. 


  • Problems from the hot switch relay signals switch are quite common.
  • Problems with the Overspeed governor can also arise.
  • No outdoor model.
  • 266lbs maximum weight capacity limits use by seniors above this limit.
Model 180 stairlift
model 180 people on

The Acorn 130 Stairlift for Outdoor Spaces

   The major difference between this model and the other Acorn 130 model earlier mentioned is that its parts are made with materials that are highly resistant to the weathering effects of elements.

Key features:

  • Smooth start and stop mechanism
  • Slimline and foldable design
  • Stairlift hinged option
  • Safety features such as the diagnostic display, backup battery, folding footrest, remote control, and seat belt.
  • Safety sensors
  • Weather-resistant parts and a weather-resistant cover
  • Waterproof cover
  • 300lbs maximum weight capacity


  The Acorn 130 stairlift for outdoor spaces has the same advantages as the indoor model with some additions.

  • The parts of the stairlift are made of weather-resistant materials ensuring integrity no matter the weather condition.
  • The water-proof coating ensures the stairlift is ready for use at any time.


  • Only available as a straight model and therefore cannot be used for outdoor stairs with curves and landings.
  • The stairlift may become slightly unbalanced if the weight gets close to the 300lbs limit.
outdoor model stairlift
model outdoor stairlift
cover for stairlift


Apart from the actual cost of installation and the stairlift itself, Acorn Stairlifts offer free home survey and stairlift quote for both in house and outdoor models of stairlift. The home survey is comprehensive and customers are under no obligation to buy even after the home survey and quote.

The cost of the stairlifts varies depending on your dealer and the model you want to purchase. However, on average they cost $2,500 to $4,000 with installation and the inclusion of the optional hinged rail. The curved rail model is more expensive than its straight rail counterparts and the outdoor straight rail model due to its additional requirements is more expensive than the in-house straight rail model.

Acorn offers repair and maintenance services at an additional cost and free advice on how best to maintain your stairlift. Customers also receive an included twelve-month guarantee from the manufacturer.


Stairlifts produced by acorn offer a number of advantages over competitions that you should definitely factor into consideration during your search for a stairlift for yourself or your loved one.  Some of these advantages include:

  • Stairlifts are slimline to ensure that space is maximized while maintaining efficiency.
  • The hinged rail, which is designed to reduce to the barest minimum any trips or hazards,  is available as an option for prospective owners.
  • When not in use, Stairlifts can be folded up easily.
  • In order to preserve the structural integrity of your house and to make sure your house is just as you like it to be, Acorn’s stairlifts are designed to attach not to the wall, but the steps!
  • Acorn’s stairlifts are also affordably priced, dependable, and have low-cost maintenance requirements.

If you are in the market for stairlifts that help you manage space while still providing you with efficiency and comfort at affordable prices in your home or assisted living facility, Acorn stairlifts might just be what you need.

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