Walkers For Seniors

A walker is a device (most commonly with four wheels) that allows added support for those who need it, while they walk. There are a few types of walkers for seniors, with different kinds of features for those with mobility issues.

Whether you’re looking for features such as a seat storage bag, a padded built-in seat, a lightweight aluminum frame, or a high weight capacity, there are many walker options for you. From heavy-duty walkers to traditional walkers and even rollator walkers, there are tons of options for those who are searching.

In this article, we will cover different kinds of walkers, their features, and what to look for when purchasing a walker.

Standard Walkers

This is the most basic type of walker for seniors. In this style, the user will need to manually pick up the walker to move.

These are best used when stability is a concern, or if a user would only need to travel short distances. Those who have a tendency to fall forward would find this walker most useful as well. Most of these walkers fold easily too and can be used as easy storage in a car for safe traveling.

Two Wheel Walkers

Two-wheel walkers have casters on the front two legs of the walker, and rubber tips on the rear legs. This gives the user great support since they can put more weight while walking by leaning forward on the front legs.

Features Of Walkers

There are a few common features that people look for in a walker. Such as a frame, grips, and wheels.

  • Walker frames are commonly made from one-inch aluminum tubing and are quite lightweight. They have an adjustable height that is usually between five and ten inches.
  • Grips on walkers are located on either side and are made with soft materials like foam, plastic, or gel.
  • The wheels on a walker with two wheels are normally between two three-inch and two five-inch wheels.

What Is A Rollator Walker?

A rollator is a special type of walker with four wheels.

These devices also have brake access. The easy-to-use brakes give additional control over the walker.

A rollator walker has more features than a regular walker and is generally recommended for when a user can hold their balance on their own, but just need a little bit of assistance. It is helpful if the user needs to sit down regularly, or just needs a place to keep their belongings.

If the user only needs minor assistance, then perhaps the rollator walker would be the best walker for them.

A rollator walker usually has a padded seat, padded backrest, and increased mobility for those who only need a little help going around.

Price Of Walkers

The cost of a walker depends on a few factors. Firstly, the type of walker that the user will be purchasing. A standard walker would typically range between $30 to $100, while a two-wheeled walker would cost between $50 to $250. Rollator walkers can be anywhere between $70 to over $600.

The good thing about most of these options is that the walker folds, so it can be easily put into cars, and carried around when needed. There are memory foam seat options, and usually, the weight capacity is quite high, allowing for the transport of items too.

Best Brands And Where To Purchase

  1. Able Life Space Saver Walker – This is a two-wheel walker option.
  2. Carex Step ‘N Rest Aluminum Rollator Walker With Seat – This one is a standard walker option.
  3. Invacare 66550 Bariatric Rollator 500lb Capacity – This is a heavy-duty rollator walker option.

All of the above can be purchased on Amazon, and they comprise of just one option in each of the categories, but there are so many to choose from.

Additionally, walkers can be found at Walmart. They are easy to purchase and can make moving around a lot easier for you in just a few simple steps.

There are plenty of features from padded seats to a cushioned backrest in a walker. Seat storage is another feature that many walkers have (even within memory foam seats).

Senior Mobility Walkers

Whether the walkers have large eight-inch wheels or four six-inch wheels, these walkers are definitely options that you should take a look into if you feel like you need added support for mobility, along with cost-effectiveness.


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