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Find out more on medical alert systems, and what  medical alert system best suits you and your lifestyle. Regain your independence and protect yourself from accidents and unfortunate falls.

Medical Alert Systems

Never have to worry about being alone in an emergency. Medical alert systems is the perfect solution – lightweight, comfortable and easy to use. Read Seniors Bulletin’s reviews on medical alert systems in Canada. Find what’s suitable for you!


Stair Lifts

Mobility and freedom within your own home! Modern stair lifts are easy to install and functional. Seniors Bulletin has information on the different types of stair lifts available and how they can help your make your home more accessible and comfortable.

Walk-In Bathtubs

Stylish, comfortable seating, easy to install and easy to use controls, walk-in bath tubs help seniors use baths and showers comfortably and effortlessly. Seniors Bulletin is here to help you decide on which tub best suits your needs! Experience a relaxing haven with accessible bathing!

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Are you seeking a reliable source of enlightening and educational content focused on products catering to the interests of seniors? Look no further than Seniors Bulletin Canada on YouTube! Our channel presents comprehensive demonstrations of a wide array of innovative devices. Whether you’re a senior seeking useful information or a thoughtful individual on the lookout  for beloved elders, Seniors Bulletin is the ultimate destination.

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