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SecurMEDIC Review

SecurMEDIC is a Canadian medical alert systems provider, founded in 2009, with its headquarters located in Vancouver. The company currently possesses six interconnected monitoring stations that help monitor over 200,000 of its customers 24/7. Additionally, these six centres are certified by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC).

SecurMEDIC is known primarily for its two-way medical alert system which aims to protect the elderly and the entire family during a domestic health emergency. It achieves this goal by giving the seniors a two-way communication with SecurMEDIC’s emergency monitoring centres 24/7 and provides immediate assistance with the push of a button. 

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SecurMEDIC Emergency Pendant/Watch

The SecurMEDIC pendant/watch is a device that comes handy during an emergency because, at the click of the button, a team of medical experts from SecurMEDIC’s monitoring centre rushes to your aid. Besides medical aid, the monitoring centre can also assist with emergencies like burglary or an uncontrollable fire by giving a call to the police or fire department to neutralize the situation. In case you fear not having the item on you during an emergency like a nasty fall, fire outbreak or burglary, there’s no need to worry. SecurMEDIC designed the device with portability in mind; you have the option to wear it as a pendant or a watch and keep it by your side at all times.

Key Features

You don’t have to worry about damaging the SecurMEDIC emergency pendant/watch by dropping it into the water because the device is water-resistant and isn’t easily destroyed by fluids. Therefore, you can take the item to the bathroom or into the swimming pool with zero worries. Additionally, distance isn’t a problem for this device; it can still establish communication with the central unit from 1000 feet away. In other words, you can go about your daily business – gardening, yard work, or playing with the little ones without fear of wireless disconnection. To ensure the device is always functional, there’s a light indicator that activates whenever the battery gradually runs out of power. Change the battery after this indicator activates to ensure the device doesn’t power down and leave you without help. As stated previously, you can opt to wear it as a pendant or wristwatch; however, we recommend you choose the watch option since it has a stronger attachment to your body and can’t get lost easily. Upon close inspection of the device, you’ll notice a small hole beside the button. That hole is the receiving end of the mouthpiece which enables you to talk to the monitoring centre after you’ve clicked the emergency button. Some additional feature of the SecurMEDIC emergency pendant/watch include:
  • Adjustable watchband or pendant cord length
  • Compatible with mobile phones to answer incoming calls
  • 100% waterproof
  • Wireless range of 1000 feet
  • Approved by the Canadian government (ULC)


  • Water resistance
  • 1000 feet of wireless connectivity
  • Portable and ergonomic
  • Direct connection to instant support at the push of a button


  • Doesn’t have sensors to detect a heavy fall

SecurMEDIC Console

The SecurMEDIC console is a simple system that’s easy to install and is the main unit that goes hand in hand with the Emergency Pendant/Watch. It’s equipped with multiple features that make it the perfect watchman for you. 

Key Features

Whenever you push the button on the Emergency Pendant/Watch to request for help from the monitoring centre, it makes a call via a toll-free number to the team which replies you via the loudspeaker within the console. 

The speaker is loud enough to be heard from any part of your home and within the wireless range of the emergency pendant/watch (1000 feet). In return, you can talk to them and explain the emergency to prepare the coming support. 

The device comes with a backup battery to keep it operational even after a black-out. If you’re worried about the battery dying on you, the SecurMEDIC Console has a light indicator that activates whenever the battery is low. 

The SecurMEDIC Console automatically performs a daily self-analysis by calling the monitoring centre to ensure its features work impeccably. You can rest, assured that this device would deliver as expected and supply you help whenever you need it. 

Some additional features of the SecurMEDIC Console include:

  • Low battery power indicator
  • 24 hours of standby battery in case of a power failure
  • The toll-free number to the call centre
  • Loudspeaker 
  • Suitable for answering phone calls 


  • Extremely audible speaker
  • Easy to install 
  • Toll-free connection to the centre


  • The relatively short battery life of 24 hours


The SecurMedic monitoring system comes in multiple packages which have numerous price Tags; however, the standard system comes with the console and emergency pendant/watch, replaceable silicon bracelet for the emergency watch, and long-lasting replaceable batteries. 

The equipment costs precisely $188.88, while the monthly service comes at $24.88. Please visit SecurMedic’s official site to learn more about the other packages.

In Summary

Ultimately, SecurMedic is the perfect medical alert system to keep the elderly safe because it’s connected to a standby monitoring centre that sends the necessary support to help you tackle your problems. 

Irrespective of the emergency you might encounter – burglar, fire outbreak, a heavy fall etc. – SecurMedic’s connection of experts is ever ready to help you out. 

Seniors Bulletin Rating


  • Waterproof Help Buttons
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • Automatic Fall Detection
  • Personalized Response Plans
  • Responsive Monitoring Center
  • All-In-One Mobile Pendant
  • Long-Lasting Batteries
  • Doesn’t have sensors to detect a heavy fall
  • Extra equipment cost
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