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LiveLife Personal Mobile Alarms Review​

LiveLife Alarms is a Canadian business that’s a leading manufacturer of mobile medical emergency alert devices. The company is a result of its founders’ unforgettable experiences of dealing with senior loved ones who continually have dangerous falls that are potentially life-threatening. LiveLife has its headquarters located in Calgary and has gone through the necessary procedure to obtain the essential certification that permits it to provide top-notch value for all citizens in Canada. LiveLife Alarms is popular amongst the public for their mobile alert device that summons help for individuals (primarily seniors) during an emergency or potentially dangerous situation. The gadget uses the 3G cellular network to communicate with the monitoring base and also call multiple emergency numbers (including 911) with the push of a button.
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4GX LiveLife Mobile Alert

The 4GX LiveLife Mobile Alert device is the perfect tool to take along with you to any location, whether indoors or on a walk, because it connects you with help in cases of emergencies or potentially dangerous situation. With just the push of a button, the 4GX LiveLife Mobile Alert system will verbally guide you through the emergency call sequence to beckon on any of the six emergency numbers that you input into the contact list – including 911. Additionally, the 4GX LiveLife Mobile Alert system comes with no monthly monitoring fee, free lifetime support, and a built-in wireless system that allows it to connect with the emergency numbers without an external network unit.

Key Features

With the push of a button, the 4GX LiveLife Mobile Alert system will use its built-in network and GPS tracking unit to compile and send your precise location on Google Maps to the six emergency numbers that you input within the device. After delivering the message, the device calls each of the six numbers one after the other until someone answers. Once the contact responds to the call, you can convey the emergency by speaking to the 4GX LiveLife Mobile Alert system while it’s attached to you like a watch or pendant.

The device has a sensitive speakerphone and an audible loudspeaker which allows for effective communication between you and the emergency contact – loved ones, officials, or caretaker(s). In case you’re worried about having an emergency in the shower, pool, or rain, don’t worry; the 4GX LiveLife Mobile Alert system is waterproof. Therefore, you can take it to the bathroom, for a swim, or a pleasant walk in the rain. One feature that makes this device stand out is its unique fall detection feature that sends a message containing your location to 5 emergency contacts. This feature is extremely vital, especially if you were knocked out from the fall and in fatal condition as well. However, if the fall was mild and not what you consider an emergency, the 4GX LiveLife Mobile Alert system will verbally guide you through the emergency call sequence and permit you to cancel the call without causing unnecessary panic.

Another additional feature or this emergency alert device is its “Geo-Fencing” option which monitors the wearer’s location and sends a warning message whenever they enter or go beyond a defined area.

Also, the 4GX LiveLife Mobile Alert system comes equipped with a relatively stable battery which takes precisely 30 minutes to charge and can last up to 5 days. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the device shutting down in the middle of an emergency since it retains power for almost a week. 

Some additional feature of the 4GX LiveLife Mobile Alert system include:

  • No monthly monitoring fees
  • Impressive indoor and outdoor network coverage (3G/4G)
  • Loved ones can call the device as well 
  • Avoids voice mail 
  • Comes as either a pendant or in the form of a wristwatch


  • Water-resistant
  • Wide network coverage 
  • Multiple emergency contacts (including 911) 
  • Long battery life of 5 days and a short charging time of 30 minutes
  • Fall detection
  • GPS tracking to deliver your location accurately


  • It is relatively expensive


There’s no shadow of a doubt that the 4GX LiveLife Mobile Alert system offers a lot in terms of quality; however, acquiring this device will require you to spend a few hundred dollars. It costs precisely CAD 497.00 to purchase the device and all the extra accessories that accompany it. These include:
  • White/Black pendant 
  • Black belt clip 
  • Wrist band
  • Safety lanyard
  • Charging station 
  • Magnetic USB power cable 
  • 120v power adapter 
  • Microsuede cloth
These additional items combine to form the lifesaving 4GX LiveLife Mobile Alert system that every individual (especially seniors) should possess.

Final Take

Ultimately, the 4GX LiveLife Mobile Alert system is an essential device that all elderly individuals should possess because it alerts their loved ones or government officials to come to their aid during an emergency. 

You don’t have to be confined in a nursing home or with a caretaker to feel safe; with just the help of LiveLife’s emergency pendant/watch, you can go about your daily activities knowing that support is only a button away.

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