Costco Medical Alert System

Medical alert systems are used to provide emergency monitoring for vulnerable individuals both inside and out of the house (on the go). This vulnerable group of individuals includes people who will need “extra” help in emergencies, for example, seniors and people with disabilities. A medical alert system affords these individuals easy access to emergency medical services irrespective of their location. Some even allow family members to be able to monitor the location and condition of their loved ones in real-time.
There are several medical alert system providers globally. Some are the actual “manufacturers” of these medical alert systems, while others are more of distributors. One of such medical alert system distributors is Costco.

About Costco

Costco is a wholesale company that deals in the supply/provision of a diverse assortment of items, including gadgets, mobile accessories, home improvement items and, yes, medical alert systems. Interestingly, Costco is a membership-based club that has, since its establishment in 1976, under the name “Price Club,” enjoyed rapid growth.

This rapid growth is due to the company’s devotion to the provision of only the best quality items and products to members. Although Costco has far lower stock-keeping units than you would expect from a wholesale store, this is not a disadvantage because every item is thoroughly researched and carefully selected to ensure club members have access to the best quality products at amazingly discounted price levels. This makes for an excellent shopping experience for customers.

Beyond offering high-quality products at great prices for members, another thing that has immensely contributed to Costco’s rapid and sustained success is its devotion to customer satisfaction. Costco has highly motivated customer service teams that are devoted to ensuring customers have timely responses to all possible enquiries and in a very friendly manner too! Currently, Costco has warehouses in over eight countries, including Canada.

Products Offered

As earlier mentioned, Costco is a large wholesaler of several different categories of items ranging from home improvement products to medical supplies and even groceries. This article, however, focuses on medical alert systems provided by Costco.

Costco medical alert systems

Because Costco is a company focused on offering only the best quality products to members, their medical alert system product catalogue is limited. As a result, Costco only provides medical alert systems from Medical Guardian.

The Mini Guardian Medical Alert

If you have been searching for a medical alert system that features a perfect blend of functionality and mobility, the mini guardian is exactly what you need. Its small portable size and very useful, very impressive features make it one of the best mobile medical alert systems on the market.

Key features

  • 2-way voice communication channel
  • 4G LTE cellular connectivity
  • Long-lasting battery
  • GPS tracking
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Water-resistant design
  • Ergonomic emergency button
  • Automatic fall detection feature
  • Portable design


  • Its portable design ensures users will be able to carry it wherever they are going easily.
  • The Mini Guardian supports cellular connectivity, and this allows for real-time monitoring of users irrespective of location.
  • Since the cellular connectivity the Mini supports is 4g LTE, it means users will have access to a high-speed and stable network connection.
  • The emergency button is ergonomically placed at the center of the device. This ensures users will be able to easily press it in cases of emergencies.
  • The Mini also has GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity, both of which allow for improved real-time monitoring precision. It also allows for easy and fast location triangulation in cases of emergencies.
  • The Mini Guardian has an inbuilt high-capacity battery that ensures the device will remain functional for up to five days on a single charge! This means users won’t have to worry about overcharging their device or having it quickly drained of power.
  • Its waterproof design means users can use it in the shower and also in other wet conditions without worrying about damaging the device or being cut off from access to quality emergency medical care.
  • The two-way communication channel can be activated by pressing the emergency button. It connects the user with the monitoring center. Users can also request that the response center connect them to their family members and loved ones through this channel.
  • Users can opt to either wear the device as a pendant or clip it to their belt.
  • The Mini is also equipped with an automatic fall detection system that immediately opens up the two-way communication channel in the event of a fall. This means users will have access to emergency medical care after falls even when they are unable to initiate contact with the monitoring center themselves using the emergency button.


  • Its small size means that it may be easily lost, especially by users with memory challenges.


Although the Mini Guardian is averagely priced at $129.99, Costco offers it to its members at $99.99 (a $30.00 discount). An order also includes three free months of service, including a protection plan, charging cradle and emergency lockbox. Note, however, that shipping costs apply—also, the Costco member monthly service renewal fee is $39.95.

The Active 4G Medical Alert

Just like the Mini Guardian, the Active 4G medical alert device is also a lightweight, portable medical alert system designed to provide safety to users at home and on the go.

Key Features

  • Round-the-clock protection
  • Two-way voice communication channel
  • Automatic fall detection
  • 4G LTE cellular connectivity
  • Long-lasting battery
  • GPS tracking
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Water-resistant
  • Ergonomic emergency button
  • Portable design


  • The cellular connectivity (Verizon), WiFi and GPS support combine perfectly to allow for real-time user monitoring and effective location triangulation in emergencies. This means no matter where you are, you can rest assured your connection with emergency service providers is intact.
  • Its inbuilt high-capacity battery ensures the device will remain functional for up to five days after a single charge! This means users won’t have to worry about their devices running out of power.
  • The Active 4g is also waterproof, so users can use it in the shower, and it will remain functional in wet weather conditions.
  • The two-way communication channel allows for quick, clear and easy exchange of information between users and the emergency monitoring station.
  • The automatic fall detection feature ensures users will have access to quick emergency medical services in the event of a fall, even when they are unable to contact the monitoring center themselves using the help button.
  • Its small portable design ensures users can easily carry it wherever they are going. Users can wear it as a pendant or clip it to their pockets.


  • Although it is majorly an advantage, the Active 4g’s small size also means it could be easily misplaced.


The Active 4g is currently valued at $99.99. There is also a Costco member monthly service renewal fee of $39.95. Note that three free months of service that includes fall detection, charging cradle, emergency lockbox and protection plan are included in each purchase.


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