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Medical Alert Systems are becoming a rage in this age because they provide senior citizens with the safety and independence they crave. These systems are designed to alert medical personnel or caregivers during an emergency or hazardous situation an aged citizen faces. Therefore, during emergencies, these elders don’t have to panic as with a click on the appropriate button, help comes running. This is great because people tend to become more clumsy and accident-prone as we age. In addition, many companies invent and sell these Medical Alert Systems; thus, whatever your specs and budgets are regarding these systems, you are assured of getting one that meets your needs.

Types of Medical Alert System

Every company has a unique design or feature that makes its products stand out. However, there are two major design types of medical alert systems. They can either be designed as an in-home alert system or an on-the-go system. The former is suitable for senior citizens who spend most of their time at home, and they work via connection to a landline or mobile connection. The latter is ideal for older citizens who love the outdoors. These in-home systems usually have a help button that users can wear as a neck pendant or on their belt. Several also have mobile phone apps. The on-the-go alert systems, on the other hand, are usually lightweight and portable, so they don’t restrict users’ daily activities or movement. They also have GPS and cellular connectivity for easy monitoring. There are several providers of medical alert systems, so it may be pretty challenging to make a choice. However, amidst this “sea” of medical alert system providers Canadian manufacturers, Shaw Communications stands out.

About Shaw Communications

Shaw Communications, Inc., founded by JR Shaw, is a Canada-based company focused on brightening the future of Canadians with industry-leading internet, mobiles, television, satellite, and business connectivity solutions. For more than 50 years, this company has provided value and choice to Canadians through excellent customer service and innovative technologies. As a result, Shaw Communications is recognized as one of Forbes Canada’s Best Employers in 2020 and one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers. Shaw’s highly impressive workforce includes 9,000 employees dedicated to innovating and transforming how we think about connectivity in the 21st century and focused on offering Freedom, Shaw Mobile, and many other products and services. Shaw doesn’t only stop at offering technological products; it has also invested in charity. For example, it has partnered with PGA Tour Champions. This partnership has raised more than $61M since 2013 and has helped support millions of children and youth across Alberta. Shaw is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. They provide home telecommunications services primarily in Alberta and British Columbia and satellite television nationally.

Shaw Communications’ Products

In ensuring Canadians’ value and choice, Shaw Communications offers a wide range of products and services. They include Shaw, Shaw Direct, Shaw Business, and Freedom Mobile.

  • Shaw is focused on providing products like TV, mobiles, internet subscriptions. This helps connect residential homes and individuals across Canada.
  • Shaw Direct is another product line that helps create a different outlook on entertainment. These products enable Shaw to be one of Canada’s leading licensed satellite video service providers.
  • Shaw Business is another service created and provided by Shaw Communications. Through this service, they can partner with various Canadian entrepreneurs, thus helping them grow and stay connected.
  • Freedom Mobile is the last line of products offered by Shaw. It focuses on providing a sense of freedom with a wireless solution that delivers excellent value to Canadians.

Shaw Communications is primarily focused on mobiles, television, satellites, and internet provision. However, they also have a mobile feature as a medical alert system.

Shaw’s Wireless Alert Systems

Natural disasters, environmental problems, weather incidents, etc., all sometimes occur without warning, and in all of these cases, quick emergency alerts have a significant impact on health and survival. Usually, such emergency messages were relayed through media companies such as radio, television, and satellites to the public. But these media also have some limitations, most significant of which is the fact that several people are likely to be away from a television or radio when such messages are being broadcasted. So, what should have been an effective means of alert notification is not as information broadcasted might not get to all the targeted audience. This is what makes the introduction of Shaw Communications wireless alert services vital. This alert system functions similarly to a medical alert system, although it may not be strictly classified as one. Instead, it is an add-on to mobile devices. This wireless alert system enables authorized bodies like federal, provincial, and territorial governments to issue a different range of safety messages intended for the public directly to your mobile device! As a wireless service provider, Shaw enables emergency messages from the government to get straight to the citizens’ compatible wireless devices connected to LTE networks. However, such messages might not get relayed to your mobile device if it is turned off, has airplane mode enabled, or is not compatible with the wireless service.

What Makes Shaw’s Wireless Alert Systems Unique?

This alert system, unlike conventional medical alert systems, is wireless and doesn’t need an extra device. All that is required is to connect to an LTE network and make sure the mobile device is compatible. In addition, it doesn’t operate on any base station range coverage. Thus, you can be at any location and still receive these alert messages. The regular medical alert systems require you to wear the alert pendant on your necklace, wrist, or waistband. However, this particular wireless alert system is an add-on to your mobile device, so it doesn’t restrict your activities or movements in any way. You will also not have to deal with the possibility of being cut off from essential safety alerts and help because you forgot your pendant or help button at home.

Demerit of Shaw’s Wireless Alert Systems

The major downside to this is that it is not a medical alert system. It is not intended for senior citizens who require independence and safety.


Medical Alert Systems are essential to older adults and the vulnerable. These systems are designed to ensure their users’ safety and provide them access to help during emergencies. Irrespective of whether you already have a “typical” medical alert system, you should definitely consider getting a Shaw Communications medical alert system as well for all-round protection.


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