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Getting old or physically handicapped and vulnerable is something we have all once dreaded in our lives. Why? Because inadvertently, our safety is no longer dependent on us but our loved ones and caregivers.

Thus, when companies started the production of medical alert systems, it was good news to the elderly and the vulnerable, as it provided them with the safety and independence they desired. Medical Alert Systems are alarm systems designed to signal medical personnel during an emergency and hazardous situation.

There are numerous companies in the production of medical alert systems. Still, this review will be focusing on one who has over a century’s worth of industry experience and reliability – ADT Medical Alert Systems.

Seniors Bulletin Medical Alert Systems - ADT Health Review

About ADT

ADT Inc., formerly regarded as The ADT Corporation, is an American-based company focused on providing electronic security, fire protection, and other related alarm services to residential homes and small to large businesses all over the United States.

For over 145 years, ADT has made it their topmost priority to ensure the security and safety of their customers. With over 17,000 qualified professionals in 200 locations around the US, ADT has provided safety to over 6 million customers.

The corporate head office is located in Boca Raton, Florida. Although, as much as they have offices in various locations, they do not have any branch office in Canada. In 2019 they sold their Canadian Division to Telus. While ADT in the US sells medical alert systems, ADT in Canada does not sell any medical alert systems – as it now refers customers over to the Telus line of systems known as LivingWell Companion.

ADT’s Medical Alert Products

In ensuring customer security and safety, ADT offers a wide variety of cost-effective medical alert systems suitable for in-home and on-the-go use.

The ADT Medical Alert Basic System

This medical alert system is designed to work at home. It comes with an in-home base unit and a wearable neck or wrist help button. This system permits you to be within 300 feet of the base unit. The base unit can also monitor the temperature of the home.

Key Features

  • Water-resistant design.
  • In-home operations.
  • Landline monitoring.
  • Two-way voice communication channel.
  • Home temperature monitoring.
  • 300 feet coverage range.
  • Online chat features option.


  • Home temperature monitoring, enabling the users to track the temperature of their homes, and ensure it is at the appropriate temperature suitable for their health or preference.
  • Landline connection which makes it suitable for users that stay in poor reception areas.
  • 24/7 access to monitoring centers due to the two-way voice communication channel feature.
  • Affordable.
  • No long-term contracts and hidden fees enabling users to cancel the services when they want to.
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual payment plans are available, meaning that users who are on a tight budget can pay for it without much dent in their bank accounts.
  • Online chat features are available enabling the users to chat with a representative live in its website perhaps they need help or directions.
  • Water-resistant design meaning it can be used during showers or other conditions that expose it to water without damage.


  • No automatic fall detection feature meaning it can’t be used by people with conditions that make them prone to falling down. This makes it unsuitable for people with Parkinson’s disease.
  • The coverage range of 300 feet prevents the users from going too far from the base station, thereby restricting their movements.


This particular medical alert system is the most affordable in the variety of ADT-produced medical alert systems. It is priced at $29.99 monthly. However, if paid quarterly, the fee drops to $28.00 monthly and the same for annual payment.

The ADT Medical Alert Plus System

This medical alert system is designed as an in-home system. This system differs from the basic because it doesn’t require landline usage; rather, it’s cellular-based. It is also more contemporary looking and has a display screen.

Key Features

  • In-home system
  • Cellular monitoring
  • 600 feet coverage range
  • Fall detection (optional)
  • Home temperature monitoring
  • Pendant options available
  • Water-resistant design
  • Loud voice prompts
  • Two-way voice communication channel
  • Online chat features option


  • Larger coverage range which means users who like to be outdoors can effectively use it. Also, senior citizens with large homes would encounter no problems with it as it doesn’t restrict their movements.
  • Automatic fall detection option available meaning it immediately alerts the monitoring center in the event of a fall.
  • Loud voice prompts make it suitable for senior citizens with hearing difficulties.
  • Home temperature monitoring which enables the users to keep proper track of their home temperature and adjust it to suit their preference.
  • Water-resistant design, meaning it’s suitable for use in showers and other wet conditions. This prevents it from being damaged on contact with water
  • Cost-effective.
  • Ease of contract cancellation and no hidden fees. Thus, users who are not satisfied with the services can opt out of it.
  • Two-way communication channel enabling the users to be easily connected with the monitoring centers in emergencies.
  • With the online chat features, the users can message or contact a representative live on its website for directions.


  • No discount and free trials for senior citizens, thus seniors on a tight budget and limited funds might find it difficult in purchasing one.
  • It doesn’t come with a mobile app feature which makes it hard for caregivers to locate their patients.


Medical Alert Plus System is priced at $35.99 per month irrespective of the payment plan you opt for. An additional cost of $10 for the fall detection feature.

The ADT Health On-the-go System

This medical alert system is what I consider the most comprehensive in the ADT’S medical alert system lineup. In addition, it is a mobile device with GPS location tracking feature. It is an advanced option to the other two medical alert systems.

Key Features

  • It is a mobile device.
  • Cellular connectivity.
  • Fall detection (optional).
  • GPS location capabilities.
  • Water-resistant design.
  • Pendant options available.
  • Two-way voice communication channel.
  • Online chat features option.


  • It has GPS location capabilities thereby ensuring precise monitoring and fast location tracking in cases of emergencies.
  • Cellular connectivity, thus allowing for easy and effective monitoring of users irrespective of the location.
  • Automatic fall detection feature which ensures that the monitoring centers are immediately alerted in cases of such emergency fall.
  • Largest coverage range therefore users can move around without worry of disconnecting from the monitoring centers. This is suitable for seniors who love being outdoors.
  • Ease of contract cancellation and no hidden fees.
  • Two-way communication channel providing users with the option of connecting with their family members and loved ones. Users can also easily access the monitoring centers in cases of emergencies.
  • Online chat features which enable the users to contact a representative on its website. This can be done if the user needs clarification on the system operations.
  • Water-resistant design making it suitable for use in showers or other wet conditions.


  • It doesn’t have home temperature monitoring, therefore users have to be self-conscious about the constant change in temperature of their homes.
  • No mobile app to ease location tracking by caregivers or loved ones.
  • It is costlier than others.


This On-the-go medical alert system is more highly-priced than the other systems in the lineup. It costs $39.99 monthly. However, the price reduces if payment is made quarterly or annually to $38.00, thus, saving you some dollars.


Medical Alert Systems are a must-have for senior citizens who want to relish their independence and safety. However, irrespective of your medical alert device purchase budget, ADT has various products that suit its customers’ needs and budgets.

Therefore, if you’re on the lookout for quality and affordable medical alert systems to get for your loved elderly ones or vulnerable ones, then, this article is a helpful guide. You can also check out the ADT website for more details on their products.


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