AssiStep Review: A Stair Climber Alternative

Seniors and their caregivers are aware of the impact of aging. Whether you have your own home or not, if you have to climb up the stairs, sometimes it is difficult to do so as a senior.

There are many options to assist with the climbing needs of every individual. In this article, we will focus on a specific product called the AssisStep.

What Is An AssiStep?

The stair aid AssiStep helps with climbing stairs, whether they are straight stairs or not. It is a great alternative to a stair lift if a senior needs only some support in their everyday life.

The AssiStep stair aid is a specific brand of a stair walker, to provide extra support to those who need to climb stairs. The AssiStep can be installed in the rail of your own home and provide the necessary support to anyone who requires it, or at a location where it will deliver the best functionality (as long as there are stairs).

The AssiStep functions as a floating handle bar. It is not motorized so the climber can go up the stairs at their own pace.

Mobility Aid That Promotes  Independence

This device has one main use: to allow the senior to rely less and gain independence, while it also helps the elderly to climb stairs in a risk-free mobile way. The brand promotes independence. They don’t want seniors to feel dependent on anyone else, or on another stair aid which takes away their independence.

The stair climber is a great tool and most suitable for a user who is looking for some help, but doesn’t need full functionality.

The AssiStep also aids walking seniors and helps them to develop their muscles by allowing them to not lose functionality of them. The stair aid is an aid, and not something that does the entire job for a senior like a stair lift or platform lift.

In a way, it essentially empowers seniors and helps them gain mental independence and freedom as well.

AssiStep Safety Features

Another pro to this product is that the AssiStep has a patented locking mechanism, ensuring that there will be no falling while holding on to the AssiStep handrail. As soon as pressure is on the stair aid, it locks in place, ensuring the safety of the one who is walking.

Pricing and Installation

The price of the AssiStep depends on a few factors, including:

  • Length of staircase
  • Straight or curved stairs
  • Would you like the handle to be parked in the staircase, or away from the stairs?
  • Can we install the AssiStep directly on the wall? Or will we need a backboard?
  • Any specific features or options?

The price is a much lower cost than stair lifts, and here is why:

Firstly, the AssiStep is a fully mechanical product, which means that it usually won’t need service and will still work if the power is out within your home.

Secondly, the AssiStep is also a 100% module-based system. It means that finished high-quality modules could be used (and don’t need to be customized) directly on your staircase. This reduces labor-intensive work and allows for quick installation.

Final Thoughts

The AssiStep can be very helpful for you if you require some assistance, and not full assistance in climbing and descending staircases. It is a cheaper and more independent option than stair lifts and platform lifts.


8 thoughts on “AssiStep Review: A Stair Climber Alternative”

  1. I want to get an idea/ rough estimate of the cost of an AssiStep including installation cost for a home in New Jersey. All I see is “it is much less than a stair lift”. What does than mean specifically? 50% less? Which close stores or sites on the East coast deal in this product? I am not ready to buy , I just want to figure out how I could get one, who installs it, etc.

    • I’m having the same problem. The product looks good, but when a company forces me to give my contact information just to get a ballpark price (I didn’t give it to them) so that they can give it to a distributor, that makes me want to find a better company.

  2. I am looking for a second hand Assistep and I live in New Brunswick. What is the price of a used one? I fell down 14 steps and ended up with a broken back and a severe concussion that the doctors say will not get better. Please help.

  3. 1/6/24 – I am interested in this product for my home. I’ll be taking care of my parents soon. I reside in Delaware, USA. My phone number is 302-230-1348.


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