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Wil Thomas
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Wheelchair lifts are an alternative to a stair lift and these give easy access to another level of the home, and also help in climbing up an outdoor deck or porch. A wheelchair lift can also be known as a vertical platform lift.

These are especially beneficial to a passenger who is already in a wheelchair, and cannot get in or out of their wheelchair without assistance and support. By investing in a wheelchair lift, the user can independently move up and down staircases. These can be similar to elevators, except these are usually open and transports a passenger safely up a single flight of stairs.


  • Wheelchair lifts cost $4,000 to $30,000, enhancing home accessibility for wheelchair users.
  • Outdoor wheelchair lifts or porch lifts cost $4,000 to $6,000, enabling exterior access.
  • Stair climbing wheelchairs and residential elevators offer alternatives for multi-level home accessibility.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Vertical Platform Lift Or Wheelchair Lift For Stairs?

Installing a wheelchair lift can start anywhere between $4000 to over $30,000 depending on the types of wheelchair lifts you require. A basic vertical platform lift runs for approximately $5,000. There are inclined platform lifts as well which can go up curved staircases too, and these would be on the more expensive end of the spectrum.

How Much Is An Outdoor Wheelchair Lift?

A lift that would provide access to a porch or a deck will usually cost $4000 -$6000. These wheelchair lifts would allow around 4 – 6 feet of vertical travel. A platform lift that needs access to a second floor will usually cost around $20,000 -$30,000.

What Is A Porch Lift?

A porch lift is essentially an outdoor platform lift. These are the same as outdoor wheelchair lifts that allow wheelchair users to move up a set of stairs. Porch lifts, as stated above can cost anywhere between $4000 to $6000.

How Do You Get A Wheelchair Up The Stairs?

While these wheelchair platform lifts are one option to get a wheelchair up a set of stairs, you can also install an elevator that allows you to go up multiple levels, with or without a wheelchair. This would also allow your family members to transport heavier items up different floors of the house as well.

These would be more costly than a stair lift and porch lift. However, it can be beneficial to multiple users, and one elevator should be able to go to many levels of the house. If installing a stair lift or platform lift, it would need to be installed separately where the staircases are in the house.

Another downside to an elevator is, it may be difficult to include outdoor functionality.

Are There Wheelchairs That Can Climb Stairs?

Yes, in addition to the above options, there are self-balancing and electric stair climbing wheelchairs that have recently been invented. These would go up straight stairs and also spiral stairs. Not only that, but there are wheelchairs specifically that can go up and down stairs with assistance.

There are plenty of options to climb up and down the stairs nowadays. Inclined platform lifts or regular ones (indoor and outdoor versions of the handicap lift) can both help your wheelchair safely go up the stairs. It is also recommended to keep an eye out for news about electric independent wheelchairs that can ascend and descend staircases.

Additionally, you can get assistance from someone to push your wheelchair up the stairs if you have a stair-climbing wheelchair.

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Whether you invest in a platform lift, or get a stair climbing wheelchair, it is always recommended to look into the tax rebates and grants your province may offer. These could cover a large portion of the cost, and make the price point a lot easier for you to invest in.

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